Bringing Peace and Hope in a World of Chaos with Janessa Gans Wilder


Imagine the power of a peaceful, calm river, untouched and unstopped by chaos, death and destruction all around it. Would you be inspired? Janessa Gans Wilder was. She marveled at how the Euphrates River could still bring life, sustenance and hope in the dangerous, war-torn desert of the Middle East. That inspiration moved her to do the same. Tune in to hear how a former CIA Analyst transformed that inspiration into a unique peace-building initiative. 

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Play Life More Beautifully with Andrew Harvey and Seymour Bernstein


Explore the intersection of life and art with masters Andrew Harvey and Seymour Bernstein. Listen in as two dear friends reveal key truths about passion and creativity through a lively exploration of music, difficult childhoods, the friendship of animals, and journeys of the spirit. Memories meld with philosophy, and observations with reflections. Seymour and Andrew offer a an unique and touching perspective in playing life with our fullest, most gracious selves.

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Exploring Harmony and Beauty Within the Universe with Nancy Roof


How do we inform, inspire and even engage individuals in this digital era of rapid change? How do we share new perspectives on global issues and cut through the noise of information overload and the barrage of social media rhetoric? Nancy Roof has been on a mission to do this by sharing transformational thinking and policy initiatives, aesthetic beauty and collective wisdom since 2000. And more than that, she has been working with powerful world leaders and change-makers for decades to tell a new story of our human potential. Join us for this evocative and inspiring conversation.

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Quantum Love and the Energy of Relationships with Dr. Laura Berman


Most of us have learned enough about Quantum Physics to know that at our atomic core all of us are pure energy. But no one has ever before applied what we’ve learned about Quantum Physics, atoms and energy to our relationships...until now. World famous love and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman will talk about the research in her groundbreaking book Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire. Dr. Berman says the truth is YOU can change everything, and create exactly what you long for in love without even needing your partner to agree. Your lover doesn’t even have to know what you are doing! Join us for this fascinating topic!

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Teachings From God with Courtney Amundsen


Where most teenager girls are worrying about hair styles, clothing and lip color, or following the right YouTube star, Courtney Amundson is wondering if her message is reaching the right people. Courtney was a mere 16 when she began channeling. As a voice began to speak, she began typing the words. Now at 20, she has compiled the writings together into a book, Teachings from God. Join Courtney and Dr. Julie for an immersion into love, compassion, and encouragement.

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The Promise Will Be Kept with Barbara Marx Hubbard


Imagine hearing this statement back in 1984: “The freedom we seek is the emancipation of the genius of the human race.”Imagine the shifts in consciousness and the evolution of social forms and planetary structures, if we were to not only emancipate our genius, but harness it collectively.  Barbara Marx Hubbard not only gives us hope and inspiration to see what is possible, but she encourages us, and reminds us that we indeed have all the tools, fortitude, and resolve to make a leap towards a more conscious, positive evolution on our planet. Tune in and hear what she means by, "The Promise Will Be Kept."

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Can Awakened Consciousness Contribute to Social Change? Subtle Activism with David Nicol

Subtle activism represents a bridge between the consciousness movement and the movements for peace, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Although spiritual practices may not be a substitute for physical action, we will explore with David Nicol how science is showing us a crucial component of a more integrated approach to social change.  

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Dying to Be Me with Anita Moorjani

By now, most of us have heard stories of near death experiences,where someone dies and comes back to life with a dramatic shift in perspective and a deeper understanding of life, love, death, and healing. Now imagine this: after suffering from cancer for several years, with malignant tumors throughout her body, Anita Moorjani was in a coma and given just hours to live. She not only returned from her near death experience, but also experienced a miraculous, spontaneous healing. Tune in and hear her amazing story.

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Connecting a Global Community with Todd Jason and The Amplifield


Can meditating together as a global community create positive changes in your life and have a meaningful impact in the world we share? Find out what we are learning about shared intention and community with Todd Jason, Founder of The Amplifield.

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Whatever Arises, Love That with Matt Kahn


What if there were four simple words that when practiced, would point the way toward liberation and fulfillment? Matt Kahn has been sharing his life-changing teaching with millions of YouTube viewers around the world. Join Matt and Dr. Julie as they explore deeply healing insights and practices that can ignite your highest potential and find inner peace.  Learn the power of those four words: “whatever arises, love that.”

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Life in the Zone with Scott Ford


Flow, the zone, peak performance… there are different names for it, but you know how powerful it is when you’re there. Conventional coaching wisdom says there is no reliable formula to reach that state, but Scott Ford is beginning to turn that thinking on its head. Inspired by his own experience, Scott will share a real protocol to get into the zone and look at life related to enhanced consciousness by choice, not chance.

Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses and How to Heal with Anthony William


Anthony William is a Medical Medium who has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed, wrongly treated, or have baffled medical communities. He’s accomplished all this by listening to a divine voice — he called Spirit of the Most High — that literally speaks into his ear, telling him what is at the root of people’s pain or illness and what they need to do to restore their health. Tune in and explore new ways of looking at medical hardships.

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