The Food Revolution with Ocean Robbins


Is there a connection between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives? Could ill health and environmental destruction be a direct result of toxic food? Is there such a thing as healthy, sustainable, humane, and conscious food for all? Our guest today says, "yes." You CAN heal your body and our world with food. Tune in and explore the Food Revolution with Ocean Robbins.

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Exploring our Living Universe with Duane Elgin


Traditionally, science has regarded the universe as made up of inert matter and empty space. Duane Elgin brings together extraordinary evidence from cosmology, biology and physics to show that the universe is not dead but rather uniquely alive, an insight which, he describes, is in harmony with all of the world’s major spiritual traditions. Explore with us how this view radically transforms our concept of ourselves, our place in the cosmos, and the evolutionary trajectory of our human family.

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Your Heart is Calling: Heart Connection with Mitch Tishler


If you long for more peace, more joy, and less fear in your life, tune in and connect with your heart. We will explore and experience the inner knowing and recognition of truth that resides in heart consciousness. Awaken to the love that you are and learn to navigate life with an open heart.  Me Finally, with Mitch Tishler

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Aligning with Divine Inspiration: Write/Right from God with Tom Bird


Have you ever thought of writing a book as a spiritual practice?  Have you ever considered that your self-expression and creativity may very well be the voice of God moving through you… and maybe there is a divinely-guided and conceived book or books inside of you, that are trying to be born through you?  Tom Bird says that God always seeks to connect with us and is willing to meet with us wherever we are willing to meet with God.

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Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories and the Sacred Feminine with Rev. Dr. Karen Tate


The Parliament of the World’s Religions is the oldest, largest and the most inclusive gathering of people of all faiths and traditions. This year’s focus was to make connections that “Reclaim the Heart of Humanity.” The theme encouraged “Working Together for a World of Compassion, Peace, Justice, and Sustainability.” They had many luminous speakers and religious leaders such as the Dalai Lama. One video from the Parliament with Marianne Williamson speaking on women and spirituality has gone viral with over two million views. So why all the buzz? Rev. Dr. Karen Tate will tell us why.

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Evolutionary Thinkers Transforming Culture with Carter Phipps


The next step in human evolution may be closer than we think. Join Dr. Julie and award-winning journalist Carter Phipps, as they explore what Carter calls "the big idea that is quietly revolutionizing our understanding of life, the universe, and just about everything."

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Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles - The Biology of Belief with Bruce Lipton


Tune in and forever change how you think about your thinking! Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all the cells in our body are affected by our thoughts. Renowned cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, will demonstrate how the new science of epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter.

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Connecting with the Millennial Woman with Ann Arnof Fishman


Millennial women are unlike any generation of women we have seen in the past one hundred years. They are different. They are baffling. They are movers in the marketplace. This specialized demographic is almost forty million strong and a financial powerhouse with an influence that grows by the day.  Tune in and discover how to connect with the Millennial Woman. 

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Ann A. Fishman was awarded four U.S. Senate Research Fellowships to study generational trends and taught generational marketing at New York University. She is president of Generational Targeted Marketing, LLC, a specialized marketing firm providing insights into the preferences, trends, and buying habits of each of America's six generations. She is the author of “Marketing to the Millennial Woman.”

Dynamic Peace and the Joy of Creative Expression with Heather McCloskey Beck


Consider yourself on a wondrous journey to Find Your Way Back to You and its time to begin living the meaningful life you were born to live - now! Life can be a beautiful expression of creativity and joy. Listen as Heather McCloskey Beck explains how you were born a resonant Genius with the capacity to create a life that you truly love. Step out of the stories that limit you and into the divine vision of your own brilliantly crafted plan!

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Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author and speaker, musician and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash.

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Holacracy: A New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World with Brian Robertson


Do you notice that traditional hierarchical models of doing business aren't working so much any more? Would you like a new way of being in the work place? Learn about a model that aligns with your greatest strengths and allows you to work more autonomously. Explore a governing system that values your unique gifts and allows you to work within self-organizing teams. Tune in and listen to Brian Robertson, Co-Founder of HolocracyOne talk about this radical new alternative.

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Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, organizational pioneer.

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Sustained Change in 2015 with Monica Sharma


We are living in a time of whole system transition on a personal and planetary scale, and it affects every aspect of life as we know it. Patterns of possibility are emerging that have never before been available. Millions of individuals and organization are self-organizing to actively make a better world. Technological innovations and collective wisdom have created unprecedented opportunities for change. The new science of consciousness is revolutionizing our worldview, and the interdependence of all life is now an established scientific fact. Yet, nearly half the population can barely eke out an existence. What’s missing? Tune in and find out.

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Trained as a physician and epidemiologist, Monica Sharma worked for the United Nations from 1988 to 2010. As director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations, she designed and facilitated programs for whole systems transformation and leadership development throughout the world with measureable results.

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Resilience from the Heart with Gregg Braden


Join best-selling author and visionary, Gregg Braden, and learn how leading-edge science can merge with present-day realities to reveal strategies for embracing stressful change in our lives. Explore how the surprising discovery of brain-like cells located within the human heart play a role in creating personal resilience. The powerful heart-brain connection is now recognized as a portal to the deepest levels of our intuition and heart-based intelligence as well as a gateway to the intelligence

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New York Times best-selling author and 2015 Templeton Award nominee Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science with ancient and indigenous knowledge to create real-world solutions for today.

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