Groups, Circles, and Hubs


As individuals and organizations come together, we create greater connectivity, coherence and social synergy.  Get involved.  Connect.  Co-Create.  Here are a few opportunities to connect:  

GOOD of the WHOLE Community and Planetary & Co-Creative Stewards

Build the foundation of an evolutionary platform for a conscious, interconnected global community bringing spirit and consciousness to life.  There are FOUR levels of membership:  1. Basic Free Member; 2. Planetary Stewards; 3.  Co-Creative Stewards; 4.  Partnering Organizations.

Co-Creators Convergence

Join fellow co-creators and create within the field of consciousness to serve the highest expression of humanity.  CCC is a group of evolutionary souls dedicated to co-creating a new humanity inspired by the pure Source within every human.  The intention is to deepen into the emerging consciousness and bring this understanding "back home" to our daily lives, communities and beyond.

Community Circle, Humanity's Team

Community Circle is for people who enjoy Humanity's Team telesummits but who want a deeper and richer experience.  If you feel drawn to connect with your deepest purpose, to be part of a community of loving, spiritually consecrated beings, and to awaken to the Divine Source of all life, then Humanity's Team Community Circle is for you.  We welcome members who come from a diverse spiritual backgrounds but share a common commitment to awakening to Oneness and advancing a compassionate world that works for all.

Cooperation Circles, United Religions Initiative

Interfaith Cooperation Circles (CCs) are the heart of URI. Independently organized, self-governing and self-funding, they build cooperation among people of all faiths and traditions to address the most pressing issues facing their collective communities, including poverty, religiously motivated violence, environmental degradation and more.

Some examples of CC work include: 

  • Winning full citizenship for poor and disenfranchised brick workers in Pakistan
  • Rescuing “child soldiers” in the Ugandan civil war
  • Brokering a truce between factions of the Christian church in Kerala, India
  • Working with government officials, teachers and police to increase social cohesion and stem violence before it starts in urban areas of Catalonia
  • Urban reforestation in New Delhi, India
  • Helping religious and cultural minorities in the conflict-prone province of Mindanao, Philippines have their voices heard by government officials in Manila

Cooperation Circles range in size from a minimum of seven members to tens of thousands, representing at least three faiths or traditions, including the non-religious, and subscribe to the shared vision outlined in URI’s Charter. They are connected to one another and the global URI network through eight regional anchor points, where regional coordinators help CCs build capacity, organize regional gatherings and trainings, and seed new CCs. URI’s global office in San Francisco provides support for regional leaders, maintains a global communications network, organizes conferences to bring CCs together from all over the globe, and supports three global initiatives, the Traveling Peace Academy, the Young Leaders Program and the Environmental Satellite.

Evolution Revolution, Humanity's Team

How is it possible for 7 billion people to all want the same thing -- peace, happiness, abundance, opportunity, safety, security and love -- and be unable to get it?  If you see yourself as having the power, working with other committed people, to effect real change, then you have come to the right place.  But let’s be very clear at the outset: Despite having the word ‘revolution’ in our name, we are not supporting violence of any kind. On the contrary, what we propose is quite the opposite; social change through spiritual awakening producing impactful compassion. We are calling for the most dramatic shift in fundamental beliefs in human history.  This is not about starting a new religion. This is about showing, in very clear terms at last, that there IS common ground, where all religions and non-believers can come together for the benefit of all humankind.

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

GLOBAL COMMUNION OF PIONEERING SOULS:  At the heart of the hub of the Wheel of Co-Creation is a place for those deeply inspired by the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Sacred Story of Creation.  Join in this twice monthly gathering hosted by the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Rest on the premise that small islands of coherence in a sea of social chaos can jump the system as a whole to a higher degree of harmony and order.  2nd and 4th Sunday Mornings of the Month at 8:00 AM Pacific

COMMUNITY OF PIONEERING SOULS: The FCE Community offers a context and container for connecting and empowering the vast global movement arising for positive change, making the efforts of this movement visible to engender greater coherence and synergy.  The Community is helping to build a new path—a “golden bridge”—to the next stage of human evolution. On that path, we look beyond the current confusion and crises to see the new capacities that are arising. We hold our unprecedented power as the means for restoring the earth, freeing ourselves from illness, hunger and war, and fulfilling the deepest aspirations of the human heart. We envision humanity arising to cocreate a future equal to our vast potential.

Global Family

Global Family's Core Group is a safe haven of support—a place where participants can express all aspects of themselves, learn to love their uniqueness, discover their life purpose, and be supported to fulfill that purpose in the world. Eventually these co-creative cores link with one another to create a field of resonant love that is powerful enough to affect a shift in the whole field of consciousness. Like small replicating cells, they come together to build a healthy planetary body and bring humanity to the next stage of its evolution: a co-creative species, cooperating consciously as Loving Presence with each other, with nature, and with the Divine.

This Process is a natural next step in evolution: a way to link consciously through the heart to align small circles of people—and eventually much of humanity—in the experience of Oneness. Core Groups build family and team, inspire joint action based on unconditional love, and have the potential to birth a new world that is guided by spiritual values rather than by competition, control, fear, or greed. Our intention in connecting co-creators and supporting the convergence of Core Groups is to build a culture of peace, a planetary co-creative culture. 

Global Purpose Movement

We are a collective of individual leaders, change makers, spiritual activists, conscious organizations, foundations, and businesses.  We organize on a global scale, creating both physical and online spaces to recognize our inherent unity, express our unique purpose, and synergize to connect what is working in the world.

Institute of Noetic Sciences

There are self-organizing Community Groups meeting around the world that link themselves to, and are recognized by, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The groups bring together a dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring a wide range of noetic topics toward a personal and collective shift in consciousness through conversations that matter.

Networks of Grace, Institute for Sacred Activism

In his new book The Hope: a Guide to Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey defines Sacred Activism as a force of compassion in action destined to midwife the birth of a new humanity able to co-create with the Divine a new world. According to Harvey, “This great birth will have to come about as the result of a massive grassroots mobilization of the hearts and committed wills of millions of people.” The vehicle for this mobilization Harvey believes will be through what he calls “Networks of Grace”

The Oneness Community, Activating the Wheel of Co-Creation

The purpose of the Oneness Community is:

  • to map, track and connect creative, innovative Soulutions to problems we have in each of the sectors/spheres in the Wheel of Co-Creation;
  • to match goals, resources and needs; inspire, be inspired,
  • to Vocationally Date (find co-creational partners) and
  • to share stories in a sector in Community or as a New Group

Pachamama Alliance

Weaving indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge for a thriving, just, and sustainable world.  Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Synergy Forum

Synergy Forum is an international initiative dedicated to the integration of spiritual awakening and social action. Our experience has consistently demonstrated that bringing together these two streams makes a profound contribution to the emergence of a global culture of human unity. We run events around the world that seek to explore and empower this process.

United Earth

United Earth serves to promote and facilitate a globally co-created cultural transition by providing an open, inclusive and egalitarian meeting space for all life-affirming persons and groups to unite and collaborate.  United Earth is basically a 'universal docking-station' for both individuals and groups where we can all share and discover our diverse wealth of knowledge, ideas, visions, skills, tools, technologies, resources and transition strategies on one common platform. Here we can focus our collective intelligence and cooperative actions towards a peaceful, free, just and healthy world for everyone.



Communities and regions are connecting more and more, creating coherence and sharing resources to evolve consciously toward a more sustainable future.  Together we are making visible and sharing templates so we can bring forward what’s working in the world, as we build and celebrate a burgeoning new culture. Assist GOOD of the WHOLE in mapping what’s already working and identifying what is new and emergent as we connect locally and globally. 


See the Power of Connection Working!

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Tell us About Your Community:

Is your community actively engaged in bringing spirit and consciousness more fully into life?  We would love to share what's working and who's connecting in your region. Send us an email and let us know by using this template:


  • How is your community fostering greater connectivity?
  • Identify organizations that are bringing your community together.
  • Are there special gatherings that bring people together to create greater connectivity?


  • Please share what’s working in your community?
  • Are there events that bring people together to share whats working?

 3.  GOOD of the WHOLE:

  • How are your collective efforts impacting the greater whole?
  • How do you see the meme GOOD of the WHOLE being activated in your community?




Arise Festival

Global Oneness Day

International Day of Peace

One Day - Do As One

Unify Global Meditations & Synchronized Social Activism

Uplift Festival

Worldwide Meeting on Human Values

Worldwide Simultaneous River Blessing



Circle Connections

Global Family

United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circles

Vistar Foundation

Women Waking the World




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