Connecting with the Universe


What would happen if you truly internalized the reality of your connection with the entire universe? If you could move past all of your limiting beliefs and conditioning to recognize your true essence as a powerful creator connected with all of creation, what would you do? Would you need to do anything, or would simply being in that field of awareness be enough to shift your life dramatically?

It is becoming more and more clear, from all directions, that you are an eternal energy system, not some mass of chemicals. As biology, chemistry, physics and spirituality all begin to converge into a unified field of consciousness, you entire perspective can change. Now is the time to feel into your true essence and begin to envision and create from this viewpoint. What do you have to lose, except the limitations and fears that have held you back for so long.


Ted Murray is an Executive Life Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Ted had a long career as an international tennis professional, inspiring young players who became Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam winners. Ted’s focus is empowering people of all ages to aspire to and achieve their ultimate dreams in life, and his Coach From the Heart program enables people gain clarity and fulfillment. Ted is the bestselling author of Tennis from the Heart – Pursuing the Dream. For 16 years, Ted has written a daily inspirational Message from the Heart shared with thousands of people worldwide.

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