Education & Programs

Age of Awareness

Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system.

Children of the Earth

Dedicated to the building of a better future, we deliver programs which provide young people with the empowerment and leadership skills necessary to advance peace in the world today and in the future. We foster international networks of cooperation, multicultural understanding, spiritual values, and ethical living skills.

Children of the Sun Foundation

We are a non-profit educational platform assisting global transformation through activities that build self empowerment through the knowledge of our innate divine nature and its invincible potential. Our presence as a global campaigner promotes unity-building programs that engage group energy transference on mass scale.  We are ALL Children of the Sun, brilliant divine beings of love’s magnificence!

Global Game Changers

We offer standards-compliant, compassion-based in-school, afterschool, and camp programs for children in Pre-K through 5th Grade that set a foundation for achievement and nurture a lifetime of giving back by empowering our youngest citizens to discover their unique superpowers to make the world a better place.

Global Oneness Project

Founded in 2006, the Global Oneness Project offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school and college classrooms. Our award-winning collection of films, photo essays, and articles explore cultural, social, and environmental issues with a humanistic lens.

The Golden Rule ~ Course for Children

Ethics and value curriculum for youth. Through self-directed explorations in art, music, rap and drama skits, youth explore ways of embodying the Core Values of "The Golden Rule" (Global ethic of reciprocity). 

Humane Education

Our purpose is to create a just, humane, and sustainable world through educationLet’s work together to achieve this goal.  The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) teaches about the interconnected and pressing issues that impact all life – humans, other animals, and the earth we share – and provides individuals of all ages with the tools to be solutionaries for a better world.

International Youth Initiative Program

The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) is a holistic educational program that strengthens young people’s capacity to take initiative in the face of current global challenges.  The purpose is to foster in young people a holistic understanding of the current challenges humanity faces and to empower them to use entrepreneurial principles and skills to create initiatives and change within themselves that meet these challenges while practising collaboration and moral integrity.

More Classrooms for Africa

Education is power. Schools for Africa is a fundraising initiative to create more schools in rural communities in Senegal. Let’s give African kids opportunities to learn.

Roots and Shoots

Jane Goodall Institute's global youth-let community action program.  Using the Roots and Shoots 4-step model, young people map their communities to identify local needs, prioritize their findings and implement a services campaign of their choice to make a difference for the issues they are most passionate about.

The Shift Network

Online Summits and Courses; a growing global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity. 

Sweet Water Foundation

The Sweet Water Foundation engages with a host of educational institutions, community groups and affiliated organizations to develop academic and community enrichment programming based upon concepts of community, equity, transformation and resilience.

Ubiquity University

Ubiquity University is your portal to success and self-discovery. We are an internationally accredited online University that offers one of the most innovative, accessible, affordable and practical academic programs in the world. Ubiquity lets you forge your own learning journey and is built to deepen your knowledge, support your personal development and strengthen your career prospects. If you long to take control of your destiny and you care deeply about making a positive impact in the world, then Ubiquity is the right place for you.

The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies

The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies (formerly Wisdom University) is a graduate school within Ubiquity University dedicated to individual and global transformation. Our students and faculty seek to be part of evolution’s larger return of humans to the natural order as participants rather than dominants, as one species living respectfully and cooperatively with all species.