Governance & Leadership

Center for International Policy

The Center for International Policy promotes cooperation, transparency and accountability in global relations. Through research and advocacy, our programs address the most urgent threats to our planet: war, corruption, inequality and climate change.  CIP's scholars, journalists, activists and former government officials provide a unique mixture of access to high-level officials, issue-area expertise, media savvy and strategic vision. We work to inform the public and decision makers in the United States and in international organizations on policies to make the world more just, peaceful and sustainable.

Center for Visionary Leadership

Our purpose is to develop and support values-based visionary leadership in all fields of human endeavor, especially business and politics. We offer educational programs on spiritual development and social change, and a free electronic newsletter with articles and spiritual practices.

Code Pink

CODEPINK is all about taking action where it truly matters. We channel community grassroots democracy to where the power players are making (awful) decisions and make them listen. Wherever there is injustice we'll be there to highlight in bold PINK.


Crowdocracy offers a radical new way forward, one that allows all of us - not just some of us - to participate in how we are governed.


CTZNWELL was created as a place for all of us: The people who think we can and need to do better by ourselves, our communities and our society, and are ready to stand up and act towards that end. We believe that when we come together in this way we can help change the course of our society, from disconnection and dysfunction, to connection and collective power.


EARTHwise has brought us together to build a Visionary Learning & Leadership HUB that supports the development of the best of our human potential.  Together with our clients and partners we explore, discover, innovate, invent and create strategies, learning pathways, business models, educational programmes, and innovation tools for the co-creation of a World and Future where all of us can flourish.

Empathy Surplus Project

The Empathy Surplus Project is a grassroots community-based organisation working to spread compassion and empathy in local politics.

Global Hub for the Common Good

The Global Hub's vision is to co-creating a new political, economic and social system aimed at the global common good.  Their mission is connecting and filling the gap between civil society & business innovation and politics and promoting Governance for the Common Good.

Global Parliament of Mayors

The Global Parliament of Mayors is a governance body of, by and for mayors from all continents. It builds on the experience, expertise and leadership of mayors in tackling local challenges resulting from global problems. At the same time, it brings local knowledge to the table and thus participates actively in global strategy debates and underscores the need for practical, action oriented solutions.

Global Women's Leadership Network

Global Women's Leadership Network (GWLN) exists to help women step out of survival and dependence into their inherent power, enabling the transformation of world conditions - woman by woman. Our policy is to work for women, in partnership with individuals, NGOs and corporations, to create an environment conducive to broad participation for major social change around the world.

Greenheart Transforms

Greenheart Transforms empowers people of all ages to affect positive change through leadership and collaboration.

The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation, and Emergence

The Hague Center focuses on international societal challenges whose complexity requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice

The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent, nonpartisan organization established to conduct interdisciplinary policy-relevant research, develop practitioner tools, and convene experts, practitioners and policymakers to facilitate knowledge sharing. Through this work the Institute aims to contribute to, and further strengthen, the global framework for preventing and resolving conflict and promoting international peace.

Higher Heights

Higher Heights seeks to elevate Black women’s voices to shape and advance progressive policies and politics. By strengthening Black women’s civic participation in grassroots advocacy campaigns and the electoral process; Higher Heights for America will create the environment in which more Black women, and other candidates who are committed to advance policies that affect Black women, can be elected to public office.


IGNITE is building a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.

International Cities of Peace

International Cities of Peace is a powerful platform for leaders to build peace within their own communities.  Help reach the goal of 1000 cities of peace by year 2020.

Our Revolution

The next step for Bernie Sanders' movement is Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.

Popular Resistance

A growing culture of resistance is utilizing nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience as a primary tactic, and is forming real democratic organizations to empower local communities. is a resource and information clearinghouse for this movement.

Spirit of Humanity Forum

The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a new global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to help bring about change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders to discover new ways to move forwards.

Ways Women Lead

Ways Women Lead is a collaborative of women and organizations issuing a call for women and girls in leadership to work together for the common good.

Women of Spirit and Faith

Women of Spirit and Faith exists to invite the many brilliant threads of feminine spiritual leadership into relationship and to support emerging patterns for transformation.


WOMEwise is an EARTHwise collaborative initiative to empower women and men through Feminine Leadership Wisdom and WISEwoman Custodianship for our collective Thriveability. WOMENwise provides courses, mentorship, and coaching sessions for organisational, personal  & collective development. We also support the development of conscious partnerships and collaboratories for Thriveability. 

WorldBlu ~ Freedom at Work

WorldBlu's purpose is to develop world-class freedom-centered (rather than fear-based), organizations and leaders.  They do this by offering a range of products and services that make it faster, easier and more fun to deliver Freedom at Work™.