Let’s Swing


I woke up this morning with joy in my head

The message was sending from my heart it said

I loved the great feeling as my feet hit the floor

Sauntering my little self out my bedroom door


There was no one around as my smile filled my face

So I hurried and scurried to pick up my pace

For the next thought that fluttered into way

Was get yourself down there and play, play, play


A room filled toys, costumes, papers and pens

If ever a more desired time, I cannot think of when

With all of this laid out as if screaming “to what do you aspire?”

I am giddy inside to embark on my greatest desire




“Its time to come up and get ready for school”



Once again the time for play is taken away

Before I begin another school day

A day to sit and listen while I realize

What adults think is necessary is so much of what I despise


I’m not talking about learning or going to schools

I’m talking about all the antiquated rules

Sit still and listen, look at me when I talk

My goodness some teachers still use that nasty chalk!


Imagination, innovation, seeing what the future is going to be

All the great visions are waiting to get out of me

But rare is the opportunity to share what is inside

So the greatest, brightest, unique side of me I hide


I know it sounds crazy to many who are all grown up

But mutual dialog and opportunity to play is to develop

Yes I need math and reading perhaps Spanish too

But you can teach with excitement instead of turning my mood blue


Imagine a setting where laughter and learning go hand in hand

Or deep conversation of uses of words makes it less bland

And wouldn’t it be amazing using Legos to learn math

Now that would be an exciting learning path


Don’t be afraid to ask us how we might learn best

You might learn something and you wont need it for a test

I can see the exhaustion in your sometimes-sparkling eyes

I can hear the frustration in your voice as it does rise


But honest i tell you again and again

I can’t bear this stress we are all living in

A different world is what our generation will bring

Gone with the gerbil wheel and in with the swing

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