GOOD of the WHOLE Presents

Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection



WHAT is the Purpose of Love Lives Here?

The purpose of Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection is to experience the healing and regenerative force of love in our daily lives by focusing on our relationships with ourselves, each other, the earth and the Sacred in all Life.  The invitation is to come together as a growing community, to restore our connection with the heart of what matters, ease the suffering of all beings, and serve the greater whole. 

When is the Live Event?

The event will start May 1st and continue for 40 days.  We will move through four themes:

  • May 1 - 10:   Reconnect with Self
  • May 11 - 20:   Reconnect with Each Other
  • May 21 - 30:   Reconnect with the Earth
  • May 31 – June 9:  Reconnect with the Sacred within All Life

You may join anytime during the 40 Days or after.  Once registered, you will eventually have access to the entire collection of materials.   

Why 40? The Importance of 40-day Traditions

Forty days is a period of time that allows for transformation (repair, renewal, regeneration and rebirth) to occur.  In sacred readings from ancient traditions, we see the mention of 40 days as precursors in creating a favorable environment for change and the deep preparation of the heart, through purging the old in order to receive a new set of instructions and preparation for a new phase in life.  (READ MORE)



HOW does the 40 Days Work?

Participants will receive a daily invitation in their inbox with simple instructions for a live daily practice of resonance and reconnection.  They will be recorded for your convenience.  The invitation will also include other tips, suggestions and resources. There will be guidance for how to embody, experience, and express more love, while reconnecting with one’s Self, each other, the earth, and the Sacred within all life.  Supplemental content will include:

  • Daily 20-minute LIVE resonance practice
  • Weekly Global Heart Resonance call with theme
  • Transformative prayer/meditation practice with live check-in every ten days
  • Love Lives Here guest videos and blogs 
  • Featured individuals, organizations, artists and resources
  • Love Lives Here Social Media & Neighborhood Campaign: post yard signs, posters, social media banners; post photos and videos, etc.
  • Invitation for awakened action and inspired activism – participants are encouraged to plan activities, gatherings, projects, community service, etc.

The entire collection of practices, links, and resources will be available to you throughout the 40 Days and beyond, so you can participate during the live event or join later and still have a powerful experience.  We recommend you participate with the group to contribute to the greater whole, build a field of coherence and experience the deep resonance.  However, you can join in at any time.  You can gather with us at the GOOD of the WHOLE Community Facebook Group is HERE.  The permanent archive links will be shared with you after your 40 Day journey.  




What Else Can You Do?

Wherever you live, love lives.  We invite you to join the campaign, be creative and make your love visible.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Display a poster in your window at home and work
  • Put a sign in your yard
  • Change your Facebook cover
  • Take your picture or video with a sign, banner or poster and send it to us.  We will post it with pride and gratitude.
  • Invite your friends and family to participate
  • Join us on Facebook and share your Love Lives Here stories and photos
  • Use #LoveLivesHere on social media
  • Write your own blog to share with us
  • Record your own video messages about LOVE or  reconnection for the good of the whole
  • Tell us about what is going on in your community and workplace--where love lives
  • Tell us about friends and colleagues making a difference
  •  Do a video tribute
  • Share your own tips and resources
  • Become a Love Lives Here social media ambassador 
  • Become a Facebook community host or hostess
  • BE CREATIVE... simply express the love that you are

  • Become a Mentoring Steward





GOOD of the WHOLE has been supported 100% by volunteer stewards and in-kind services for the past five years.  As we transition to non-profit status, it is time to hire full-time administrative support.  Your financial support can make that possible.  Thank you for making a difference!  If you know of someone who would be willing to provide in-kind administrative support during Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection, please email