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Member Appreciation


A shout out to Linda Linker Rosenthal who is rocking it up in Northwest Indiana! 

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Resonating with our fabulous lounge

When I came to the lounge, my thoughts went immediately to the last time I was surrounded by many of our loving, creative sprites and the lounge took on one environment after another as my heart and thoughts skipped to all the places we've shared....I felt myself sink into the warm, deep and lushous resonance we have created, nurtured and sent out into the world as a signal of what is possible between all sentient beings..I feel held and loved and so very grateful for each of you in my life.....

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Resonant Hugs

Just loving the GOOD vibes here with you all...GOOD hugs...

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Hello and Welcome!


Hello and welcome to our private lounge. 

Please feel free to use this page to gather, connect and express...

Our lounge is a community heart space, hub, hang out, and sanctuary... This is a safe place to kick your feet up, let your hair down, and be who you are... authentic and genuine YOU.  Relax into the heart space and feel the warm acceptance and resonant connection with others.  You are invited to use this space in any way that feels right -- a bulletin board, or a place to simply check in with others and let them know what's going on.  Presence yourself and don't forget to support and encourage your fellow co-hearts. 

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