Our Resonance Stewards

Our Resonance Stewards are accomplished masters of field consciousness and creating resonance.  They serve as a council that honor all levels of consciousness.  Individually and collectively, they hold a high frequency of love, acceptance and compassion for the Good of the Whole in order to raise consciousness on the planet.  Sourced in the wisdom of heart resonance, community coherence, and social synergy, our Resonance Stewards are committed to to catalyze the expansion of a co-creative culture.



June Steiner

Dr June Steiner's passion is mentoring her clients and student's capacity to create, hold and interact with heart resonance on a consistent basis to help facilitate staying in love and openness in all of one's thoughts and interactions with self, others, community and beyond. She has worked and taught in the fields of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, parapsychology, heart resonance, altered states, shamanism, anomalous experiences and healing modalities for 30 years in private practice.

Her spiritual quest began in early childhood as she experienced and integrated the many anomalous events that have followed her throughout life and have led to her deep exploration of consciousness. As a Reiki master, drummer and shamanic practitioner, she guides others to explore multiple layers of reality and to incorporate those realities into one's everyday life, thus "walking the spiritual path with practical feet".

As an Agent for Conscious Evolution, June mentors others in raising their consciousness and awareness and making a positive difference in the world. The magic of deep connection inspires June to assist others in learning how to hold energetic fields for empathic growth, resonance, and the creation of powerful environments that provide exponential manifesting, learning and healing.

June is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at:  www.JuneSteinerPhDHypnotherapist.com and OpusNetwork.org


Dinahma Machado

Dinahma is a member of the Rogue Valley, OR Center for Spiritual Living and facilitates a Heart Resonance Circle on Sundays. She is a Conscious Evolutionary Mentor and has spent over 3 years building community in the Rogue Valley. After focusing on manifestation of the BIRTH 2012 HUB, she has continues to live and breathe the potential for all living a Heart Resonant Based Society. She now is working with Neale Donald Walsh as an advocate for The Haven, a community center in Ashland, OR.

Dinahma is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: http://www.ashlandhaven.net


Kathryn Brewer

Kathryn's vision of love as a basis for all human interaction with one another and our planet was the impetus for her past three-decade career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Educational Psychologist and School Psychologist.

Her passion for catalyzing the creativity, gifts and promise of youth, especially those considered disadvantaged or different, led her to study and serve those labeled “new humans.”  It also led her to life-changing work with the genocide orphans in Rwanda through Project LIGHT Rwanda, a new humanitarian model that combines trauma healing through energy psychology, heart-centered leadership training, and social entrepreneurship training and support.  She experienced the African concept of Ubuntu (I thrive only when you thrive) in action and brings that paradigm home to the West.   

She has co-founded or been a major staff member of three spiritual/transformational non-profit organizations, and has always integrated science with spirit in her work.  Becoming an Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide through training with Barbara Marx Hubbard ignited passion for global synchronized change through Birth 2012, and introduced her to the power of resonant circles. 

She has published a children’s picture book about cosmogenesis, My Awwwsome Story, and is currently writing a transformational book for young adults.

Katherine is bringing spirit and consciousness to life at: http://www.kathrynbrewer.com


Thalia Powell

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