A Beautiful Opportunity...

You are invited to gather with GOOD of the WHOLE Mentoring Stewards and friends as we deepen into the embodiment of wholeness, co-mentoring strategic, sacred action for the earth and all her inhabitants. We are on the evolutionary edge, living in times of great change, and we share a vision of a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and whole. During this time together, we will joyfully cultivate an ethos of wholeness, nurturing our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole. 

Each morning in Heart Resonance, tuning into the Unified Field and listening to the collective consciousness, we experience an expanded sense of vision and purpose. Aligning with our true nature and inherent wisdom, we step forward as co-mentors and leaders.

With the exciting news of GOOD of the WHOLE's non-profit status, we are grounding in sacred action, contributing our gifts and co-creating the education, community and media opportunities that are in front of us. We invite you into this generative experience. Join with us as we expand the newly-merged Global Heart Team, catalyze new media and communications, access our shared-resource repository, and lift up your unique gifts and vision! 

"Wholeness is the medicine of our times." ~ Julie Krull


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More Details...

Who? GOOD of the WHOLE Mentoring Stewards & Friends

What? Private Lakeside Retreat and Intimate Gathering

When? 5:00 pm Thursday September 26th through Sunday evening, September 29th

(Come join us pre OR post retreat from September 25 - 30)

Where?  Julie Krull’s Lake Houses, 146 and 147 Lakeview Acres, Johnson Lake, Nebraska 68937

(Nice bunkhouse accommodations for the first confirmed 24 people)

Why?  Gather in a coherent field of love, resonance and creativity, as we experience the emergence and realize our collective potential. We are the embodiment of consciousness for the GOOD of the WHOLE. We will open to the impulse of creation expressing through us and offer our greater gifts for the good of the whole.

COST? $222 plus $30/per day food (Limited to 24 - First come first serve)

For More Information Contact:

Julie Krull 308.830.0296

OR Shelley Darling 415.516.3555

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Travel Information...

BEST FLIGHT: Omaha Eppley Airfield: 231 miles, 3 hour drive (Rental car, car pool, shuttle to Kearney, NE & bus available to Lexington, NE – super easy drive!)

Shuttle from Omaha to Kearney: Eppley Express -- website for reservations and schedule HERE 

FLY to Kearney, NE: 30 minutes drive (Pay a little extra for flight; Rent car or we will pick you up!)

FLY to Grand Island, NE: 1½ hour drive (A little extra for flight; Rent car or we will pick you up!)

FLY AND/OR DRIVE FROM COLORADO: Estimated drive time from the front-range of Colorado is 4-5 hours. You can fly to Denver and rent a car. This option includes a 4 hour drive.

Register Now...

Make a $100 Donation as a down payment to hold your spot HERE

Please email your travel itinerary so she can help organize your commute with cars and shuttles. Thank you.

Standing in Love,

GOOD of the WHOLE Stewards

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