A Rare Sight: 6 Waka Sail with an Epic Environmental Message


Six traditional canoes sailed in and blazed an epic entrance into Waitemata Harbour, New Zealand, with an environmental protection message. It was a historical moment, reviving traditional navigation of the ancestors. Over the next 48 months, the Worldwide Voyage will sail 49,000 nautical miles, touch the shores of 26 countries, and make safe harbor in 85 ports while sharing Hawai‘i’s gift of caring and kindness with the world. Watch the video of the Dalai Lama blessing Hōkūle’a...

One of the Worldwide Voyage’s core missions is to engage learners across the globe. The Promise to Children outlines the strong bond between the voyaging and educational communities starting in Hawai‘i. More than 175 education organizations have already committed to support the Worldwide Voyage, including the Department of the Education and the University of Hawai‘i.

To learn about the Promise to the Children and the educational mission of this Worldwide Voyage http://learningcenter.hokulea.com/a-promise-to-children/

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