Alchemists of Raw Emotion


We cast the dice to play the game

Of fear and envy, blame and shame

Gnawing at the soul’s contentment

Lashing out with raw resentment

Sometimes guised and sometimes bare

Crashing waves of deep despair

Crushing hopes with wear and tear

Clinging ancient hurts regretting

Aching longings, dreadful fretting

Shadows pale the past and future

What one should and what one shouldn’t,

Or didn’t ‘cos one thought one couldn’t


Now’s the time to move it shake it

wake it break it love it

take it

Into movement

Into color

Sing it

Shape it

Cry it

Fly it

See it

Free it in the motion

Dancing now in deep devotion

Alchemists of raw emotion


Chuck the sameness, live your beauty

Drop the standard, duck the duty

Listen to the deep vibration

Subtle whispers of sensation

Shifting through the clogged veins

Passing through the ancient pains

Airing out the rigid fears

Purifying liquid tears

Flowing, kissing, cleansing waters

Embracing all the sons and daughters

Burning fires engulf the debris

Seeding soil with ripe fertility

And earth receives the loving motion

Dancing now in deep devotion

Love in the making moving mystery

In the meeting without history


Now is here so feel the feeling

Let it take you let it wake you

Let it love you let it make you

Following feelings shifting form

Deep inside the raging storm

Letting go of every norm

Taking essence back to source

Without the weight of histories course

Distilling from the suffering, pearls-

Of wisdom for new wondrous worlds


Now the knots and clots are moving

Softness pulsing gentle soothing

Skins in motion shapes are shifting

Throbbing heaving falling lifting

Weeping grieving

Laughing weaving

In fragrant luscious rainbow dance

Of juicy senses textured trance

Dancing now in deep devotion

Alchemists of raw emotion

Shedding skins in living motion’s

Sweet ecstatic passion potion

Concepts shed release the glowing

Waves connect with natures knowing

Trusting heartful intuition

Instincts come to full fruition

Shoulds can shift to sharing caring

Love uncovered opens daring

Pheonix rising, now’s the time

To let all go and let all come


Now’s the time to move it shake it

Wake it break it love it

Take it

Into movement

into color

Sing it

Shape it

Cry it

Fly it

See it

Free it in the motion

Dancing now in deep devotion

Alchemists of raw emotion


Distressed by the suffering humans are causing each other, animals and the planet, I spent many years exploring diverse healing paths and solution oriented programs.The journey led to the development of a holistic approach for nurturing systemic wellness that draws on a broad range of experience in different countries, traditions and disciplines.  The approach offers conceptual and practical frameworks for systemic healing and for nourishing vitality of people and planet. The framework has evolvedover more than 25 years working with leadership and people from all walks of life and across sectors of society and continents. Over the years I have worked as a therapist, consultant, manager, teacher, author, activist, leadership consultant  and creative partner in cultivating individual and systemic wellness in groups, organizations and communities. The current focus of my work is to contribute to planetary healing, and to a new form of local and global governance (eco-governance), that puts the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come as its core purpose and organizing principle.  

Founder, Together in Creation, Ubuntu 4 Animals, 7 Days of Rest and Citizens for a Healthy Earth

Author: A Testament of Now, IS, Deconstructing Democracy

Facebook Pages: From Democracy to Eco-Governance, Add Your Voice for the Animals, 7 Days of Rest, Together in Creation

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