Allowing the Flow of Light


It is easy to feel the flow with others who are dancing and playing in the light.  It is invigorating knowing the light will attract others wanting to come and join and shine in all that joy and playfulness. It is such a wonderful and beautiful place to be, to feel. The question is why, when we are feeling the greatest joy, the most wonderful light, does it often seem like someone near to us comes in and sucker punches us and drops us to our knees? The feeling of the darkness trying to take away our light is nearly unbearable. It seems like they have no desire to change the pain and sadness and no desire to let us change ours, no desire for us to feel that joy.

Perhaps it is time to shift that perspective choosing to see it another way. Perhaps it is not that they are trying to take our light away but rather they can see our light shining so bright that they want to be a part of it. This is why they are coming to us, so that we can take that darkness they are holding, bring it into us and let it flow through us and transform it into our light and send it flowing in its new form back to them...we are not meant to let the darkness stick to us and bring us down, just like we are not meant to have the light stick to us and not share it. Rather all feelings and emotions are meant to flow in and out of us transformed as we allow them to be…I am grateful for the never ending light that flows through me transforming the pain and darkness when I remember to continually allow the feelings to flow.

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