An Open Letter to Coronavirus

Dear Coronavirus,

Greetings and welcome to our collective awareness. I imagine you’ve been hanging around, shifting form, and waiting to be welcomed to the world for a long time—perhaps centuries. Well, here you are. I see you. I acknowledge you. And I want to be your friend. Can we find ways to honor and respect one another and work together for the good of the whole?

That’s probably a strange request. I bet you don’t hear that much. Be friends? Most of the world is actually waging a war against you. Fighting. Battling. Fearing. Hiding. Many are scurrying around in a frenetic whirlwind of life-saving, preventative, and heroic activities, while cussing at you and hating you, praying and wishing you would just disappear. You’re not very popular around here. I’m sorry, you are sorely misunderstood.

It’s easy to understand the angst and panic. Our collective behavior has emerged from a culture of suspicion, uneasiness and mistrust—all symptoms of the social dis-ease of separation consciousness. We’ve been under a spell, an illusion and delusion of separation. We’ve forgotten the truth of who we are. I imagine you already know that. Perhaps you came to help us remember?

Let me help you understand us humans and what we’ve been going through. We are living in uncertain times—unprecedented times. So much is changing and evolving. Systems and structures that have supported our old way of life are breaking down or in transition. All of this is a result of the illusion of separation that I mentioned. We built our life and world around the false belief that we are separate from Earth, one another, and the Creative Source of Life itself. We designed systems and structures that reflected that belief. Governance, healthcare, education, economics (you name it), all were designed in the consciousness of separation. Most are hierarchical and patriarchal.

It worked for a while, but eventually began supporting privilege, dominance, control, and competition. We began taking from, using and abusing not only people, but Earth and all her precious resources. The list of human casualties is extensive: women, children, minorities, blacks, indigenous… oh my goodness… oppression, rape, sex trafficking, greed, displacement, violence, corruption, prejudice, slavery, war… I think you get the picture? It has been ugly around here. And to make things worse, Earth and the Climate have not been very forgiving (and shouldn't). We’re at a critical juncture and it’s time for us to collectively wake up to the truth of who we are and come together.

As you can see, this fear and panic is not really about you. It’s about us.

But we are waking up. Science is now demonstrating what spiritual wisdom has taught us for thousands of years. We are one, interconnected, interrelated, whole living system. This singular, indivisible, undivided whole has only one living process going on. There’s no separation. We can’t be separated into me and you, or me and not-me. When we understand the truth, we see there is no “other.” We are literally one planetary body.   

Here’s what we’re learning: Because the individual and the whole are inseparable, what effects the health and well-being of the individual, effects the health and well-being of the whole, and vice versa. The well-being of one is the well-being of all. We are learning to align with the whole of Nature and live for the good of the whole. Our one planetary body—our one shared being—is in a state of crisis and transition. Yet this crisis is an opportunity to wake up, reimagine, reform, and rebuild a world that works for the health and well-being of the whole: Earth and all its inhabitants.

As consciousness evolves, so are all of our systems and structures. The old no longer serves our highest good. In fact, the old was serving just a few, mostly those with money and power.

So, thank you for your part. I see you teaching us even more lessons on how to live for the good of the whole. Help us understand you more completely. Help us understand us more completely. Continue to wake us and teach us.  

Thank you for inviting us to slow down and discover what real, authentic connection is all about. Thank you for inviting us to come together, beyond artificial boundaries, to cooperate and demonstrate genuine compassion. Because of you, we have whole communities working together in solidarity for the good of the whole. We are praying with one voice. Thank you for guiding us to attune and align with Nature. You have activated global networks, and networks of networks, that are strengthening the Web of Life. You are showing us the state of our collective immune system, as well as our ability to respond, and the seriousness of our collective wounds and dis-ease. You have created the conditions for whole-systems change and creative innovation. In fact, you have created a more global, universal, understanding of whole-systems health and healing. And most importantly, you have unleashed the antidote for fear: love.  

Love encompasses all. Love heals, guides, directs and corrects. Love transforms. Please use that love to infect every human heart and go viral with the message of how to live and love for the good of the whole.

Dear Coronavirus, I have so much more I’d like to say. But for now, I’ll simply close with where I started. I want to be your friend. I want to understand your expression, rhythms, needs, deeper meaning, and potential, like I understand myself. You are a part of me and I of you. Continue to show us (all of us) ways to honor and respect one another and work together for the good of the whole.

Your friend,

Dr. Julie Krull


Dr. Julie is a steward of the new earth, midwifing the evolution of consciousness, whole system health, and a whole worldview. Her 30-year career as an intuitive, integrative health practitioner and psychotherapist has influenced her work with evolutionary thought leaders and change-makers from around the world—co-creating connections that inspire personal, cultural and planetary healing. Her authentic, down-to-earth approach invites others to embody their highest creative potential while shifting away from the ego-centric challenges of separation to a healthier, soul-centric flow of resonance and evolutionary coherence. She worked and studied with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor of Conscious Evolution, mentoring leaders and influencers who are dreaming a new dream and working toward whole-systems health and healing on the planet. Dr. Julie is a popular speaker, teacher, Founding Steward of GOOD of the WHOLE, radio talk show host of The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, and author of the international bestselling book, Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World.

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