An Optimists’ Perspective


It's easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed by the traditional news media...but I have found something very different and life-affirming. It’s everywhere and it’s growing! Look around you. I know you see it too. There is a plethora of creative-artist-life-loving people who are all around the world, being positive, playful and innovative. More are making their presence known every day. We are finding one another and connecting through our hearts with a deep love and respect for an exciting new perspective on humanity which is evolving through us.

We are creating a new kind of news. We are having transformational moments that are re-birthing us into Higher Expressions of Who We Are. There is an ever expanding heart resonant Field that is palpable to those who are aware and willing to experience this never-before-explored journey of conscious evolution.

We are resilient, amazing, and hopeful. In fact, we are more than hopeful....we are Self Actualizing the brilliant facet of the One Diamond that we ARE on this planet. Everyone has their own unique part to play. Everyone's job is to polish, refine, and shine their particular facet and let their true sparkle be seen by all. This way, everyone contributes to the beauty and good of the Whole.

After all, a diamond is simply a piece of carbon or coal that has crystallized after having been under a huge amount of pressure for a very long time. Humanity has been under all kinds of pressure throughout history, but now we are feeling strongly that it is time to move forward and shine. We are making conscious choices to move out from under the old pressures of conflict, wars, corruption, dishonesty, greed, control, prejudices and suppression...and instead we are choosing to shine our diamond 'Light' to co-create a world paradigm that reflects the best spiritual qualities of our evolving Humanity.

Look around you. You’ll find a hand reaching out to you, whether it is physical or energetic. You’ll feel yourself being drawn to share yourself more than ever too. Take the hand that is welcoming you! In fact, grab onto the hundreds of thousands of hands that are stretching out everywhere. We are no longer strangers in this new paradise. We are finding each other. We are connecting… and we are creating the new good news together!

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  • Shelley Darling
    commented 2015-01-30 13:28:52 -0600
    Thank you Linda for this magnificent article that would make anyones day brighter!!

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