Anxiety, My Deepest Guide to Wisdom


In a culture that bombards us with the belief that we should be happy all of the time, it can be challenging to hold on to knowing that this is not a possibility. If we pause and think about it, we know it is in the myriad of feelings and emotions where we are able to find impulses that move us to evolve, create, discern and emerge to new and ever changing circumstances. We are meant to tap into our innate capacities of a changing species. In addition to happiness, this innate capacity can also bring about anxiety.


I am challenged to understand how we have chosen to commonly label anxiety as something bad or negative. I do however understand why we want to figure out what is causing the anxiety and solutions for alleviating it. When we choose to build a more appreciative and deeper understanding relationship with our anxiety, it can diminish the stress levels that can accompany it and move us from a state of chaos to a state of solution discovery.

If we change our relationship to anxiety and recognize it not as our enemy trying to sabotage our happiness but rather as one of our deepest guides to wisdom, all of a sudden it feels less scary, painful or threatening.  When we ask anxiety what it wants us to know in those anxiety filled moments, we are opening ourselves up to solutions rather then defeat and depression.

In a communicative relationship with anxiety we can begin to make conscious decisions as to how we would like to evolve our life and the world we live in which creates the happiness we desire to increase. It is exciting to think anxiety can actually lead to greater happiness and be a guide for greater wisdom.

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