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Russell McDougal

Russell grew up in the Midwest & traveled extensively in his youth. He has been photographing & journalling since college, creating reflections along life’s journey. He learned studio photography while living in SanFrancisco. He has lived in Boulder for many years. He has had a lifelong interest in the visual, philosophical, & poetic arts. He published his first photo-philosophy book, Mirror of Mind in his late 20’s. He has published many fine art photographs, a series of limited edition silk-screen prints, a T-shirt line, as well as several lines of greeting cards. He was invited and taught a series  of photography classes at the local Boulder High School.He occasionally gives workshops on the Art of Seeing.

He is currently publishing under the name Isle of View, & has created a book, boxed deck of cards, & 3 iPhone apps. Besides tradition poetry, he likes to write abbreviated Zen-like acronym insight phrases. Examples are: A.R.T. – Arrange Reality Tastefully…M.Y.T.H. – Make Yourself The Hero…and J.O.Y. – Just Open Yourself.  He likes to  A.C.T. – Awaken Cultural Transformation.

Russell brings a lot of experience & insight to any photo shoot, because of his history in art & commerce. He helps clients visually tell their story to showcase their best image. And because Russell is such a wordsmith, he enjoys helping clients with tag lines or identities for their company or brand.

Russell enjoys working with socially conscious companies who try to bring something positive into the world.

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