Attuning with the Evolutionary Impulse



Attuning with the "Evolutionary Impulse" of creation, expands our capacity to receive the whisperings of our Soul purpose. This alignment is unique, as it allows us to be propelled into an unfolding, expansive experience of life. The longing to be in accordance with the highest good of all, is now a given. Life is abound in wonder and all activity seems to be in the flow. 

Moving from an old paradigm of resistance, greed and self absorption, we find ourselves living in a win-win-win experience. The capacity to align with this emergent Field of Love, allows us to relish in new possibilities and unimaginable choices. Our choice to serve this “impulse of evolution” within us, and as us, allows for a greater communion of the whole, within ourself and with others. 

As we tune into our essential self, in connection with this evolutionary impulse, we discover new practices that ground us in the unification of heart, mind, spirit and matter. In Feng Shui this would express itself as the union of Heavenly Luck, Human Luck and Environmental Luck. Living a charmed life, is a life that is stabilized in essence, aware of our Divinity, living our Soul Destiny in accordance with Nature. 

How can we as a nation, serve the greater good of the whole?

The spread of conscious evolution brings hope, where that had been none. It moves as action in love, in accordance with evolution itself, always moving towards greater love, freedom and choice for all. Resistances are cleared and aligning with the pulse of our collective heart, nurtured daily through meditation, good food, exercise and connection with the earth.

Attuning to this pulse of evolution, uplifts and connects people of all cultures. Evolutionary stewards, like the great buffalo, stand tall in there wisdom and capacity, moving with focus and clarity. Many evolved pioneers, are now becoming adept at understanding the nature of chaos and its inevitable reorganization into higher order. Anything unlike love reveals itself, embraced by love it dissolves, while we as a culture, move into the next higher phase of evolution, together. 

*To learn more about Conscious Evolution and the Evolutionary Impulse: See GOOD OF THE WHOLE Directory and Resources.

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