On Wholeness:

Consciousness as a Window into Reality

with Dr. Bob Atkinson

BEGINNING JUNE 9th, Six Tuesdays in The Connection Field

7:00 pm Eastern/Noon UTC/1:00 am CEST


How is it that the intrinsic wholeness of all things, at the heart of indigenous and spiritual traditions as well as our current quest for global harmony and unity, feels overshadowed by the illusion of separation? Could it be that our consciousness evolves across a continuum that leads to opposite outcomes? In this six-part offering, we’ll explore how the direction we choose to move in across this continuum determines whether we live in separateness or in wholeness – and gives us the particular window into reality that we live by.
On this essential journey into the nature of reality, we’ll consider how a holistic vision of evolution and consciousness reveals a purposeful trajectory toward an innate potential: that of living into reality as it is, an indivisible wholeness. The way to this consciousness of wholeness, though, is made up of fateful and formidable detours, as we will see, looking into the guiding principles that underly wholeness, why transformation is necessary for growth and evolution, what the archetypes are that make up this consciousness journey, and why consciousness evolves toward wholeness.


Week One Handouts:

Handout One CLICK HERE: Outline

Handout Two CLICK HERE: Principles

Handout Three CLICK HERE: Cycles Lead to Progress

Handout Four CLICK HERE: Reality is One 

Week Two Handouts:

Handout One CLICK HERE: What Does Your Own Experience Confirm

Handout Two CLICK HERE: Identity

Week Three Handouts:


Week Four Handouts:


Week Five Handouts: