Can One Person Make A Difference?


In the outer world, it was another step forward in out-picturing of our social activism to humanity and the planet:  a “Climate Pilgrimage” organized by Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina.  This walk, with 200 others along Asheville’s French Broad River, supported the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris and all other conscious work, co-creating a better future of sustainability and justice.

It was also an opportunity for deepening into my questions: “What is going on here?” and "Does my hand-crafted sign and sunny Sunday afternoon stroll make a difference?"

The answer was yes and yes, rooted and nourished in every sacred step, in the meditative visualizations – and the conscious awareness of my connection to All That Is.

Lately, the weight of world events, American politics and the apparent loss of sanity have been pouring into my daily life.  Rather than going further “down” with this weight, it was time for a different choice of perspective.  It was time for a heaping-helping of Good of the Whole.  So I chose to allow myself a full-immersion into the Climate Pilgrimage.

It was grand!

A number of stations in the Pilgrimage provided education or reflective time as different individuals – fellow “crewmembers on Spaceship Earth” - spoke to us.  One, an environmental educator, traced a molecule of water – the foundation of human life – from a raindrop in the western North Carolina mountains as it traveled 2000 miles from stream to stream, then to the river where we stood, to the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and into the Gulf of Mexico.  There, it was baked by our planet’s solar-powered energy-blessing, rose as water vapor, traveled northeast on the wind until it rose above the North Carolina mountains and condensed into rain falling as a water drop into the same stream where it began. 

The circle of life… The cycle of creation… The blessing to humanity and to Mama Gaia.

As I stared at the French Broad, tuned out the auto traffic and tuned into the voice of the River, there was a connection to the sacredness of the Oneness that is.  My consciousness was in perfect peace with that Oneness and the power that is the One Consciousness that serves the Whole; A knowing that All is God and I AM my unique part of that All.

The deepening was found in heart-connection at another station where a 15-year-old minister’s daughter read a poem of Gaia.  She was so beautiful in a t-shirt that simply said “The Earth.”  Each station presenter concluded with “I walk for (fill in the blank).”  For Sadie, it was “I walk for the future.” My heart leaped. Yes, I make a difference being here to witness Sadie. And, Sadie makes a difference.

Like the butterfly’s wing-flap moving energetically across the world, I saw Sadie standing next to other young people on a plaza in Paris at that very moment chanting, “I walk for the future!” What a powerful moment.

Now, through these written – and now read – words, WE can amplify the consciousness of Oneness and Co-Creation. The illusion of what’s going on in the world has new understanding – the understanding of “breakdown before breakthrough,” to borrow visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard’s description. And more importantly, to clearly hold the value and significance of Oneness and the part of Oneness that each of us holds.

I walk for Creation.


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  • Linda Rosenthal
    commented 2016-01-02 16:41:16 -0600
    I walk for Love, for all people and our One miraculous Mother Planet Earth.

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