Co-Creators Convergence Tele-Call


Welcome to the Co-Creators ConvergenceTele-Call!

You are invited to join with others who feel the call to co-create with the Field of Consciousness to serve the highest expression of Humanity. We are a group of evolutionary souls dedicated to co-creating a new humanity inspired by such visionaries as Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the Pure Source in every one of us.

Our intention is to deepen into this emerging consciousness and bring this understanding “back home,” to our homes, communities, and beyond. People leave the Convergence refreshed and eager to love, serve and remember our collective higher purpose.  

This Thursday, December 3, 2015 5:30pm Pacific / 6:30pm Mountain / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern 

Call-in number: 605-562-3140   PIN: 158352# 

Shelley Darling will host Clare Dakin, Founder of Treesisters

Our Theme this week:

“Embracing Nature to Arouse the Instinctual Self” 

Let's start by redefining our instinctual self…

“I’m going to say that our instinctual self is the part of our essence that is woven into the fabric of all nature – our planetary self – the part that is vibrating with the essence of pure aliveness and the intelligence of every living thing – the part that has never been, and can never be, separate from the planet that lives and breathes us. It is the very essence of the word essential.” ~Clare Dakin Tree Sisters

Let’s allow nature to re-educate us from the toes up and from the inside out as to what it means to be truly, throbbingly, responsively, incandescently alive..."

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About Clare:

Clare Dakin is the founder of TreeSisters– a UK based charity evolving at the intersection of feminine emergence and ecology. She lives between New England and England – currently Gloucester MA. She is an explorer, a free radical, a learner and teacher of body based listening, with a passion for nature, nurture and being astounded by life.

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Co-Creators Convergence: 


Wild Feminine Forest starts today:

Walking the map of 5 choices:

Shelley Darling

December 03, 2015 at 5:30pm - 7pm

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