Communities Across the World aren't Waiting...

Communities across the world who aren't waiting for world leaders to take climate change action. They are doing their best, right now, to adopt to a low-carbon future in which sustainability and clean energy help offset the impacts of climate change. Featuring Burlington, Vermont; Dardesheim, Germany; and Dharnai, India.

"We had tried everything in the book to get electricity for the last 30 years. But we havent seen a single speck of hope. While India was growing leaps and bounds, we were stuck here with kerosene lamps and expensive diesel generators. But now I can proudly say that Dharnai is a leader in innovation. We have established our identity as an energy-self-sufficient village...", said Kamal Kishore a resident of Dharnai. 

It’s been precisely one year now, since 2000 citizens of Dharnai, a small village near Bodhgaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar acheived access to electricity for the first time in 30 years. To most us who are living in this digital era, even an hour of power outage can ruin the entire day. Last year, was the first milestone towards a great vision of autonomous energy access for the state and the country. it was a moment when people’s lives changed from darkness to light.


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