Are you part of a community that provides support and companionship for you? The spiritual path in the past several decades usually took one of two forms. One was a solitary path in which you spend lots of time in meditation and delving deeply into your stuff. The occasional workshop might have provided some support and guidance, but it was only for a short time and you were back on your own. The other option was to become part of a group that all shared a common philosophical or even religious approach to spirituality. As long as you followed the dictates of the teacher or guru you were in, but if you questioned them you were out.

Now is a time for a completely different type of community. It is time for love to be the only basis, regardless of what specific beliefs you may hold. Those with open hearts are being called to gather to share ideas and support each other no matter where they are on their unique path. Having a local group that can meet in person is an amazing blessing. If you don’t have one, perhaps you are the one who should start one. Online communities are also a wonderful way to connect in a meaningful way, but unfortunately with only virtual hugs. We are all being called to gather together in loving support so our combined energies will raise the vibration of each of us and the world to create the new communities of the beautiful world that is emerging.



Ted Murray is an Executive Life Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Ted had a long career as an international tennis professional, inspiring young players who became Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam winners. Ted’s focus is empowering people of all ages to aspire to and achieve their ultimate dreams in life, and his Coach From the Heart program enables people gain clarity and fulfillment. Ted is the bestselling author of Tennis from the Heart – Pursuing the Dream. For 16 years, Ted has written a daily inspirational Message from the Heart shared with thousands of people worldwide.


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