Connecting with Celestial Beings


It’s time to connect with beings that are here to assist you in your mission. They are prepared to help you in any way, but they must wait until you ask. Why would you hesitate to ask for help from loving beings who are so eager to assist? Perhaps you don’t feel worthy of the love of such benevolent beings. It’s understandable you might feel that say due to the conditioning that most of us have gone through during our life. However, you are worthy, as you are a child of God just like they are. What would make you any less worthy than anyone else? You might also feel like you have to do this on your own, as an individual, and therefore it is somehow cheating to request help. You may also feel that you have always been the one to help others but have had difficulty asking for help. If you gain pleasure from helping others then why would you deny that joy to others who are longing to help you?

If you feel like it is weird asking help from beings you cannot see, feel or even hear, and therefore you don’t believe in their existence, then that means you don’ t believe in TV or cell phones or anything else that depends on vibrational waves you can’t see or feel. It’s simply a matter of tuning yourself as the receiver to match their frequency vibration and you will be able to hear just as you would on a radio. This is the perfect time to seek this deeper connection with spirits who are eager to help you with your mission. That mission is much more important than any doubts or fears you may personally feel. It’s time now for all of us to cooperate together for the sake of our planet and combine forces with anyone who can help move that mission forward in the fastest and most loving way possible.


Ted Murray is an Executive Life Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Ted had a long career as an international tennis professional, inspiring young players who became Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam winners. Ted’s focus is empowering people of all ages to aspire to and achieve their ultimate dreams in life, and his Coach From the Heart program enables people gain clarity and fulfillment. Ted is the bestselling author of Tennis from the Heart – Pursuing the Dream. For 16 years, Ted has written a daily inspirational Message from the Heart shared with thousands of people worldwide.

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