Consciousness, The NFL and Transforming a Culture with David Meggyesy


What is it like to be one of the first whistle-blowers and truth tellers in a powerful industry?  According to the San Jose Mercury News, David Meggyesy was brave enough to leave professional football at the height of his career, and publish "the first critical look at the dehumanizing aspects of pro football."  The editor of LOOK magazine called it “the roughest sports book ever written.” Meggyesy rocked the sports world in the 1970s with his book, Out of Their League.  So, what does a true visionary leader do next, after exposing fraud, payoffs, racism, drug abuse, and incredible violence?  Work to transform it, of course, from the inside out. Join us for this fascinating conversation about consciousness, the NFL, and transforming a culture.

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David Meggyesy is a former seven-year NFL linebacker with the St. Louis Cardinals. He authored the book "Out of Their League," a best selling football autobiography, which is included in Sports Illustrated's 100 best sports books ever written. He has lectured and conducted workshops and seminars at more than 200 colleges and universities, co-founded the Esalen Sports Center, and taught a seminar, Sports, Consciousness and Social Change, at Stanford University. For the past 25 years he served as Western Regional Director of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the NFL players' labor union, and is Board President for Athletes United for Peace. He has mentored and counseled numerous elite college and professional athletes. Meggyesy has been a vocal critic of professional and college revenue sports. In addition, he is a leader in developing a more comprehensive view of sports as a positive process for human growth and social transformation. He has conducted mind/body workshops applying various mindset techniques to improve athletic performance, enjoyment, and quality of life.

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