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With every purchase we make we choose to make a political statement.

You don’t need to stand on a picket line, lobby for a campaign, or engage in fierce debates to be political.

With every fair-trade, cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly product we purchase, we make a statement that we value people, other beings, and planet over profit, and we choose to support companies with like-minded values.

On the flip side, with every purchase we make that is not fair-trade, cruelty-free, vegan, or eco-friendly we make a political statement that we value our hard-earned dime over other people, other beings, and the planet—and we choose to support companies with corresponding values.

Sometimes it isn’t so simple.

Some of us don’t have access to or can’t afford to make conscious purchases.  For those of us that do hold these privileges, sometimes conscious consumerism still isn’t the easiest decision.  Many of us live busy lives and turn to convenience, or choose to save money at another’s expense.

But we can all make small changes to hold ourselves more accountable to the political actions we take every day.

Some suggestions:

    • Purchase one high-quality fair-trade item in lieu of multiple cheaply-made trendy items that will either go out of style or fall apart next season.
    • Choose to simply (and cheaply) DIY your home cleaners instead of supporting companies who harm the earth with chemical-laden products.
    • Swap clothing with friends. Visit thrift stores more often.
    • Take worn-out boots to the cobbler, take worn-out clothes to the tailor, learn to make simple mends, and take preventative measures to keep your clothes in tip-top shape.
    • Skip the Starbucks, visit a farmer’s market, choose almond milk.
    • Celebrate World Fair Trade Day throughout North America.   (Chicago – Celebrate May 7 & 8 in Daley Plaza).
    • Educate yourself with the below resources



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