Cultivating the Relationships We Need to Thrive with Carolyn Baker


Explore the key relationships that are critical in times of dramatic change and transition and learn how to navigate differing levels of acceptance, collapse, trauma, and grief.  Carolyn and Dr. Julie will discuss how to cultivate our relationships with partners, children, friends, neighbors, as well as our relationships with work, our bodies, natural resources, food, animals, future generations, Eros, and indeed, the powers of the universe.

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Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. is the author of Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times. Her previous books are and Navigating The Coming Chaos: A Handbook For Inner Transition (2011) and Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path Of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse (2009). She lives and writes in Boulder, Colorado and manages her website A former psychotherapist and professor of psychology and history, Carolyn offers life coaching for people who want to live more resiliently in the present as they prepare for the future. Her 2015 book is Love In The Age Of Ecological Apocalypse: The Relationships We Need To Thrive. She may be contacted at [email protected]

Carolyn's book is available on Amazon here: #‎cultivatingrelationships



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