Day Eight

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This is your Day 8 Daily Digest for the 40 Days of Reconnection. If this is your first day, we strongly suggest you CLICK HERE for some helpful tips when navigating your 40-day experience. You can find the complete Daily Digest, for previous days, HERE.
Today's Featured Art & Poetry
Love Lives Here
by Jacqueline Ann

Love lives in the light,
but also on the shadowed path
where solitary footprints fade
Love lives in the spring bloom,
but also on the barren branches
holding the snow
Love lives in the gentle current
that kisses your ankles on a hot day,
and also in the turbulent storm
that brings you to your knees
Love lives in the thrill of romance;
lovers laced under covers,
and also when you are alone
embracing your pillow only
It is easy to see love 
on a clear day
when breath is easy 
and happiness is free
But do you see it 
in the clouds
when there's no silver line?
The love that lives is there
is still the same kind
Love lives there, like a guiding star
Love lives here, wherever you are

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