Day Four Earth Edition Daily Digest

Welcome to Love Lives Here: 2019 EARTH Day Edition and tribute to Barbara Marx HubbardThis is your Daily Digest for the 8 Days of igniting PLANETARY LOVE for the good of the whole. If this is your first day, please CLICK HERE for some helpful tips when navigating your 8-day experience. You can  find the complete Daily Digest, for previous days, HERE.
Love Lives Here: EARTH Day Edition 
Today's Art Feature:

Sacred Earth
Prayer as Creativity
Creativity as Prayer
I am deeply called to prayer,
Prayer as:
all I do, think, say & create.
Prayer as Good Of the Whole.
Prayer as Light,
Prayer as Shadow,
Prayer as Joy and Pain.
Prayer as Sacred Trees rooting deep into the core of Mama Earth.
Prayer as TreeSisters Grow
Prayer as Birthing gifts,
Prayer as the radical infusion of Love into each and every heart.
Prayer as Love
Love as Prayer
Prayer as you feel it.
~ Kathleen Brigidina

Today's Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard:

PHOTO BY ANITA JOSEPHINE WALES (Barbara with her sister, Patricia Ellsberg)
"So, the path of the co-creator is to be awakened spiritually within, which then turns into your own deeper life purpose, which then makes you want to reach out and touch others in a way that expresses self and really evolves our communities and our world. Certainly, we can't do that unless we activate ourselves first. That's why, for me, emergence is the shift from ego to essence. That is so important." ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Making the Most of Getting Older (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

Today's Drawdown Feature:

"Today, 314,000 wind turbines supply nearly 4 percent of global electricity. And it will soon be much more. Ten million homes in Spain alone are powered by wind. Investment in offshore wind was $29.9 billion in 2016, 40 percent greater than the prior year." ~ Paul Hawken
Today's Drawdown Collective Intention: Look for ways to support the advancement of wind initiatives. Is there a local wind farm you can support? Do you have a community project you're interested in? Do you have extra resources to invest in the advancement of wind technologies? "Proliferation of (wind) turbines, dropping costs, and heightened performance mean onshore wind farms are at the forefront of initiatives to address global warming."

100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming


Earth Day Meditation:

CLICK HERE to View Earth Day Meditation by John Logan Brockett

Today's Whole Perspective:
CLICK HERE to Listen to Dr. Julie talk about
"The Link Between Man and Nature"
"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link
between man and nature shall not be broken."
~ Leo Tolstoy


Today's Schedule (Special Features Added Daily):
Thursday, April 18, 2019:
Every Morning at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/3pm UTC (except April 22 at 7:30 am Pacific/10:30Eastern) 
Mantra Meditation with Linda Linker Rosenthal (CLICK HERE) Click and find easy video instructions for this mantra practice. LIVE ZOOM CALL CHECK-IN every 10 days! 

Today's LIVE Transformational Art Experience:

Get out your canvas, colored pens and acrylic paints as Evolutionary Hostess and heArtist, Nancy Chaconas takes you through a simple process of bringing more ease and joy into your life through her creative practice. CLICK HERE to view the first installment of five videos.


TODAY: Thursday, April 18, 2019, 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern
Co-Creator's Convergence Barbara Marx Hubbard Tribute Call

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Today's FEATURED Earth Movie Courtesy of Films for the Planet:
Today's Loving Waters Tribute with Charlie Riverman Bergeron:
Embracing Mist

Somehow we are loved so deeply
that even the natural world around us
reaches out to stop us in our daily routine

"You can't miss this!" it calls to our heart,
"This is just for you to stop and be a part of,
as a witness of how we embrace each other."

The gentle mist providing a blanket for the pond
connecting the trees of both shorelines
and gathering all in gentleness and unity

The distant shore line of evergreens
the barren deciduous trees close at hand
and the quiet pond water between them

We now add our breath to this moment
feeling the moisture rise from within us
exhaling to disappear so gently into it all

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.11.19


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