Day Thirty-Five

Welcome to Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection! This is your Day 35 Daily Digest for the 40 Days of Reconnection. If this is your first day, please CLICK HERE for some helpful tips when navigating your 40-day experience. You can  find the complete Daily Digest, for previous days, HERE. 
Days 31-40 Reconnection with the Sacred within All Life
Today's Art Feature:
 by Pamela Jane Gerrand
Holy wind, blow through me 
Cast away my suffering 
Sing your truth down to my bones 
For love is all 
Love is all 

Holy wind, I´ll do my part 
Make a sail of my heart 
Bind me to your ship of love 
I hear you call 
Love is all 

Sweet Sophia, make us wise 
Shakti, fill us with your fire 
Oh Shekinah, make us whole 
For love is all 
Love is all 

In a world of war and woe 
Wash away these tears that flow 
Warm our hearts so cold with fear 
Draw us near...draw us near 

May all beings be set free 
From their pain and suffering 
Holy wind...the angels call 
For love is all 
Love is all 

Holy wind the angels call 
For love is all 
Love is all 

Today's Featured Event:
Global Heart Resonance Participatory Zoom Call
10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern 

 Today's Featured Video:

Divine Being & Becoming in Times of Chaos 
with Andrew Harvey: Part TWO (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

Today's Featured Music Video:
Holy War by Alicia Keys (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)
What if love is holy and hate obscene
We should give life to this beautiful dream
'Cause peace and love ain't so far
If we nurse our wounds before they scar
Nurse our wounds before they scar
~ Alicia Keys

Today's Featured Activist:
Austin Perine, 4-year-old Superhero (Click Here to VIEW)

Mantra Meditation with Linda Linker Rosenthal (CLICK HERE) Click and find easy videoinstructions for this mantra practice.LIVE ZOOM CALL CHECK-IN every 10 days! 
Movement Meditation Practice with Soul Love Dance (CLICK HERE) Click through to find a beautiful introductory video. Then move on to the complete practice with music.
Art & Inspiration with Katherine Skaggs (CLICK HERE) Enjoy a daily reflection with he channelled art and inspiration cards. Katherine will also be doing FOUR LIVE PAINTINGS. 

Message From the Heart with Ted Murray (CLICK HERE) Read inspiration from the heart and follow the four themes of reconnection.
Sacred Earth Art with Kathleen Brigidina (CLICK HERE) Follow Kathleen's 40-day journey as she ceremonially paints a mandala in her daily practice. View short 5-7 minute videos daily.
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Daily Animal Blessing from Ubuntu 4 Animals

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Water Blessing, by Shelley Darling, Loving Waters Council

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