DAY TWO Love Lives Here: EARTH Day Edition

Welcome to Love Lives Here: 2019 EARTH Day Edition and tribute to Barbara Marx HubbardThis is your Daily Digest for the 8 Days of igniting PLANETARY LOVE for the good of the whole. If this is your first day, please CLICK HERE for some helpful tips when navigating your 8-day experience. You can  find the complete Daily Digest, for previous days, HERE.

Love Lives Here: EARTH Day Edition 


Today's Art Feature:


Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor 

Taylor's artworks are essentially artificial reefs, formed of carefully manufactured sculptures installed at various locations around the world. Each sculpture is created using non-toxic, pH neutral marine grade cement, free from harmful pollutants, becoming an integral part of the local ecosystem. The cement is highly durable, with a rough texture that encourages coral larvae to attach and thrive, while nooks and dark cubbyholes formed of folds of clothing provide homes for fish and crustaceans. The timing of installation is significant to ensure they are in place downstream before the larval coral spawning occurs, yet not so early that other sea life colonises it before the coral can take hold.
"Each day, habitats are destroyed, whole species are lost and climate change alters the living conditions across the world. Small changes can be made that can ultimately have a big impact, the first step of which is bringing about environmental awareness of the conditions of the various ecosystems around the globe." ~ Jason deCaires Taylor

Today's Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard:

"With enough of us connecting heart with heart, center with center, innovation with innovation, prayer with prayer, through the internet and the noosphere, we can have a major impact on a more gentle transition toward the next stage of evolution." ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Brief Video: Barbara Marx Hubbard at the United Nations (CLICK HERE)
ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The panel discussion at the High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace at the UN with the Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and Center for Integral Wisdom Co-Board Chair Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Today's Drawdown Feature:

"We see global warming not as an inevitability but as an invitation to build, innovate, 
and effect change, a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius. This is not 
liberal agenda, nor is it a conservative one. This is the human agenda." 
~ Paul Hawken
Today's Drawdown Collective Intention: Look into your community or region. Are there any farmers practicing regenerative agriculture? Learn more about their operation and ways you can support them.


Today's Whole Perspective:
CLICK HERE to Listen to Dr. Julie talk about "Decide to Make a Difference"

Today's Schedule (Special Features Added Daily):
Tuesday, April 16, 2019:
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Thursday, April 18, 2019: Co-Creator's Convergence Barbara Marx Hubbard Tribute Call

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Today's FEATURED Earth Movie Courtesy of Films for the Planet:
Metamorphosis Filmmaker Interview and Video Slideshow
with Velcrow Ripper and Nova Ami
With special thanks to filmmakers Velcrow and Nova and their distributor, Films for the Planet, who offered streams of Metamorphosis from April 11-15 prior to the film's official theatrical and VOD release TODAY. Through poetic imagery, visual meditation and timely interviews, the series delves into how our environmental crisis is an opportunity for radical personal and planetary transformation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. People signing up can listen to a podcast with Velcro and Nova. 

Today's Loving Waters 
Tribute with Charlie Riverman Bergeron:
Droplets on Green Leaves

So many tiny glass-like beads
gathered along each outstretched leaf
reminding us of our precious connection
to all the waters of the world in which we live

Each one is but a delicate natural mirror-ball
in which we find ourselves waiting patiently
to be shaken loose from our attachments
and separated state of beingness

We water droplets yearn to be shaken,
to be cast off from our perches, to reach the earth
where we can be absorbed by Mother Earth
and fulfill our roles as a source of precious hydration

Our natural loving expression of wetness
in this arid world of voided presence
cries out to all living beings
to come and quench their thirst.

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