Deconstructing Democracy




Deconstructing Democracy was written as a response to global events and to a series of “democratic elections” across the world that ushered into power, governing parties increasingly antagonistic to the so called democratic foundations of freedom, equality and justice. Scanning the record of democratic countries worldwide, it was hard to identify any one country that could truly shine the democratic values they claim to uphold. All seemed, to some extent or another, to have sold out to incentives of profit and power and the exploitation of people and planet. And yet, mainstream conversations continued to idealize democracy as the royal road to healthy governance. The dissonance between the ideal and the real catalyzed this exploration into the fundamental flaws of the democratic system.


Distressed by the suffering humans are causing each other, animals and the planet, I spent many years exploring diverse healing paths and solution oriented programs.The journey led to the development of a holistic approach for nurturing systemic wellness that draws on a broad range of experience in different countriestraditions and disciplines.  The approach offers conceptual and practical frameworks for systemic healing and for nourishing vitality of people and planet. The framework has evolvedover more than 25 years working with leadership and people from all walks of life and across sectors of society and continents. Over the years I have worked as a therapist, consultant, manager, teacher, author, activist, leadership consultant  and creative partner in cultivating individual and systemic wellness in groups, organizations and communities. The current focus of my work is to contribute to planetary healing, and to a new form of local and global governance (eco-governance), that puts the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come as its core purpose and organizing principle.  

Founder, Together in CreationUbuntu 4 Animals7 Days of Rest and Citizens for a Healthy Earth

Author: A Testament of NowISDeconstructing Democracy

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