Descending Cresendo


by Miranda Ryersee and the Unified Field

Descending Crescendo
Blossoming on the winds of change.
Oh, to the glory
Of the ONE.
Expanse in all directions,
A toroidal crystal
Moving all ways at once.
A magical distinction
Dissolving the us and them,
The in and the out.
The answer is the spark of electricity unifying all the divine & celestial one.
Love yourself.
Love your cells.
You Know,
You Know what it is to embrace.
Lean into the dark
YOu may not find darkness truly exists.
What is yours?
What alchemy will you willingly & consistently put your energy into?
Let go of the old world.
Let it go. :)
What would it feel like to move into a loving unknown?
An UPlifting, coherent resonance that knows no definition.
An energy...
A frequency...
A vibration...
I feel myself spin!!!
A dance of evolution
Dance off the edge of the cliff with your new found wings encompassed in trust.
Safety, security and trust.
Let the elements,
The Mother,
The Universe
And the one heart
HOld you in your sacred authority.
Fall Deeply…
Deeply in love with your highest entelechy of your most naturally nurtured nature.

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  • Dave Ryersee
    commented 2020-11-09 07:25:00 -0600
    Very calming!
  • Carol Jaffe
    commented 2020-11-07 18:35:08 -0600

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