Love Lives Here 2018 Daily Digest


Daily Digest:


Welcome to Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection!
This is your Day 1 Daily Digest for the 40 Days of Reconnection. Here are some helpful tips when navigating your 40-day experience:
  • Develop a daily practice that's unique to you. We are here to ground the force of love and reconnection. This transformative 40-day experience invites you to find what works for you and leave what doesn't. If you already have a practice, add or integrate a few new elements. If you don't, try out one of the offerings here. Pick one or a few that resonate with you and your personality, so you can sustain it the 40 days. (see "Daily Practices" below)
  • Participate in as much or as little as you feel called. Besides the shared daily practice, there will be other ways to connect and muse -- there will be many different events, articles, tips, tools and resources shared each day. Look around and find what restores and nourishes you. We will have art and science... personal and transpersonal... local and global... etc. Get the picture? There's something for everyone.
  • Connect with the community. All the daily practice and reflections offerings have a place for you to engage in conversation. We encourage you to leave a comment and share your experience. Meet and greet one another and enjoy the community of practice. You can also connect in our Facebook group daily.  Every week, you will have opportunities to join a live call or two.  Watch the schedule.
  • Explore new territory, push your edges. Not everything is for everyone. However, notice your edges. We are invited to LOVE what presents without judgment. As we move through reconnection with ourselves, each other, Earth, and the Sacred within all Life, things may surface to be loved and cleared. Stay with the process.
  • Hold the field for others. This is a powerful time of transformation on our planet. We invite you to embody love and open to a deeper expression of love in your life. Join us here to hold the field for others and create resonance in your daily life and community. We are stabilizing energy, healing ourselves and our planet, and co-creating a culture of wholeness, right here, right now.


Reconnection with Self

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Reconnection with Others

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Reconnection with Earth

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Reconnection with the Sacred Within All Life

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