DISCOVER the NON-DUAL nature of Spirit Doodling


No-Mind does not have preferences:

Our normal mind is a comparison, judging, assessing, correlating machine. And those are its good points. Often, however, it can be disapproving, critical, resisting, defending and arguing. It can also become aggressive and violent. The mind lives basically on black and white opinions with a few shades of gray, but has very definite preferences.

No-Mind has no preferences and does not operate on choice. Judgments like “This is good…this is bad” do not touch the experience of No-Mind. The mind likes the known. The doodling spirit emanates from the unknown.

No-Mind lives the Creative Impulse and its nature is undivided.

Spirit Doodling is an opportunity to hear beyond the limitations of the mind’s critique. We do not need to, nor can we, stop the mind and its adjudications. What we can do is to simply put it aside and keep doodling. Let the No-Mind state have its way. There are no mistakes. If your pen slips, pay it no mind. Sometimes I catch the mind judging a doodle line as a ‘mistake.’ I just keep going and it often turns out to be my favorite and most compelling design. Just keep Doodling!


No-Mind loves Itself:

It is perfectly natural and wonderful to get excited and enamored about the doodle creation.  The love affair with a Doodle is not ego driven.  It is creativity in love with Itself. The trap is when the ego starts considering the product as its own. Because of the nature of the experience that rarely happens and is short lived.

Discover the feeling of being in touch with yourself:

As relaxation floods the body/mind, a feeling of being intimately connected and in touch with oneself arises. You feel your own preciousness. This can be subtle. Look for it!

No-Mind’s seamless harmony:

You will find that somehow the doodle will fulfill itself in a seamless connectivity. Whatever happens will be 100% perfect! Doodling is truly an opportunity to experience TRUST in action.

SPIRIT DOODLING:The Effortless Expression of NO-MIND”    

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