Do All Spiritual Paths Lead to the Same Place? with Dustin DiPerna


Everyone’s talking about spiritual awakening.  Even Newsweek recently released a 100-page special edition called, “Spiritual Living,” exploring meditation, healing, and the great awakening they say the edition is for anyone who wants to “awaken their soul.”  But what does all this really mean? Whether you stand in a specific religious tradition, consider yourself "spiritual but not religious", or are merely an observer of the current religious and spiritual landscape, have you ever wondered if all the paths lead to the same place?  Is it the same universal wisdom at the core of all traditions?  Enlighten yourself with guest, Dustin DiPerna.

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Dustin DiPerna is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and recognized expert in world religions. He has committed his life to making timeless spiritual wisdom relevant and accessible for a rapidly changing global society. Through writing, teaching, coaching, and entrepreneurship, Dustin helps individuals and groups to find happier and more fulfilling ways of being in the world. He is author of three books - Streams of Wisdom, Evolution's Ally, and Earth is Eden - and co-editor of The Coming Waves.  Among many spiritual teachers and masters, Dustin has spent more than a decade of close study with American Philosopher, Ken Wilber, who has publically declared that Dustin’s work “fundamentally alters the way in which religion or spirituality can (and should) be taught and practiced.”

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