Do You Feel the Pain and Suffering of Others?


Do you feel the pain and suffering of others? If you are extremely empathic and can almost directly experience the emotions that others are feeling is this a curse or a blessing? For many people it seems to be a burden, as the vibration of suffering around the world seems to be increasing. Feeling that intensity of suffering can almost cripple someone who feels to deeply connected with the planet as a whole.

Yet this connection with others is actually a sign of a state of consciousness that is the feeling of oneness. If you are completely separated from others you won’t feel their pain. However, when you truly feel the eternal connection we all share then you will feel like something happening to one person is happening to you. If everyone had this capacity to experience oneness then much of the brutality we currently see in our world would disappear. As challenging as it can be, the world needs more empathy and a greater energetic connection that lets us all recognize that we are all one and are all connected. With that connection you are able to send light and love in a way that helps raise the frequency of the planet and raise others to a new level of consciousness whether or not they even realize it.


Ted Murray is an Executive Life Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Ted had a long career as an international tennis professional, inspiring young players who became Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam winners. Ted’s focus is empowering people of all ages to aspire to and achieve their ultimate dreams in life, and his Coach From the Heart program enables people gain clarity and fulfillment. Ted is the bestselling author of Tennis from the Heart – Pursuing the Dream. For 16 years, Ted has written a daily inspirational Message from the Heart shared with thousands of people worldwide.

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