Dowsing and Earth Consciousness: Episode 6 Peace House Dowsing!


Shanti Heart Hollinger is a Golden Light Certified Dowser, and has been participating in the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium for over a year. She was inspired to work with I Grow Chicago a few years ago and last year they were contributors for Love Hives Here. (After Earth day you will be able to access all those resources too!)

As an Environmental Dowser she has helped bring a sense of peace and calm to the land and the I Grow Chicago campus through her intuitive Dowsing skills.

Shanti Heart is an Akashic Records Consultant, Environmental Dowser, Filmmaker and Loving Waters Council Guardian. Living in Chicago she offers her services as a Reiki Master Teacher and Labyrinth Facilitator.

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Discover Evolutionary Dowsing: Web: www.EarthMedicineAlchemy.Com

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