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Abril Mondragon is a Comanche-Shoshone-Mestizo, Artist of Life who lives the Five Fold Path of the Curanderismo (healing arts of Turtle Island) and the Zapotec Dreamseed traditions, Wise Ways and Life Ways.

She is a caregiver of the Elements of Creation, Seeds, Natural Medicine Plants and has been in service to her community for 30 years through the healing arts, ceremony and council. 

As a Medicine Storyteller and international speaker she weaves ancestral indigenous knowledge, poetry, humor and common sense for a crumbling “civilization” that thirsts for evolution and to remember how human beings are naturally made.

She is a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, and daughter of her resilient Comanche Shoshone-Mestizo family from the northern New Mexico regions of the Blue Lake Mountains and the Rio Grande that nourish the villages of Mora, Taos, Ranchos de Taos, Llano Quemado, and Talpa.

She is the founder of Golden Bear Healing Arts: for the preservation and education of natural and traditional Healing Arts and is also known for Abril her Gourd and Visionary Arts.

Golden Bear Healing Arts, is the home of ALIS-Itlatol media arts, and the Dreamseed Path.  

Abril has a variety of western education and healing arts degrees.  As an educator she has served as a teacher, tutor, mentor, as well as in curriculum and program development, and restorative justice circles for ages 5 to adult.  As an international liaison she has traveled to participate in healing and regenerative venues for Water, healing generational trauma, and protection and healing through prayer for Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky’s Nature. She is a “grassroots visionary artivist” with a deep sense of gratitude for the inner and interconnected Nature of All Life. 

Abril has written and self published children’s stories, the Dreamseed Visionary Cards and is currently writing a memoir. She is devoted to being and living in service, for the fulfillment of the One Great Peace with Grandmother Earth, Sky, All Life, and the human family. 

Abril is currently supporting Loving Waters as a Council Steward, recognizing Water is Life. 

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