Dreaming about Dreams


Last night in my sleep, I was dreaming about dreaming.  Before I went to bed I was working with the “I Have a Dream” speech, images and quotes for Martin Luther King Day.  In the middle of a wild and crazy dream, right at a unique point of “crazy,” I became lucid.   As I became aware that I was dreaming, my first thought was, “What is the Source of this brilliant material?  Where does if come from and is it of me or does it come through me?”  

Next, as with any good lucid dream, I engaged and began actively playing with the dream and the Source of the dream’s fascinating material.  I was in a living laboratory of consciousness through the dream in a dream state.  I entered into an adventurous exchange with Creator – the Divine Source of all Creation. 

From the lucid dream, I declared that I have a dream: 

I have a dream that all humans experience themselves from this seamless place of connection with Creator; That all beings understand and experience this intimate place of union – communion – with the Divine Source of Intelligence; That as everyone on the planet wakes to this powerful, creative union we naturally move into a productive, co-creative culture of harmony and peace

And then I asked the Creative Source of my dreams, "Is this my dream or yours?"  The answer was simply, "Yes."  And I woke up.

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