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    GOOD of the WHOLE Serves to Cultivate an Ethos of Wholeness Where

    Every Individual Feels Valued, Connected and Whole!


    GOOD of the WHOLE is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

    with a global mission and membership. As a charitable, tax-exempt organization, we depend solely on your generous gifts of time, service, money and resources. Thank you. 

    “Do you feel called to live for the good of the whole?


    Do you feel that you are on in this earth at this time in this form to serve the good of the whole? We are coming together. We are finding each other. We are connecting in the most deep and high ways to do this work; to support one another in doing what we are each called here to do for the good of the whole.” ~ Marian Head

    Together we can make a difference for ourselves, our children, our planet and all its inhabitants for future generations!


    Vision, Mission & Purpose

    Our Vision is a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and whole. Our Mission is to cultivate an ethos of wholeness and nurture our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole. Our Purpose is to support and amplify individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that live for the good of the whole. 

    Together, we co-create a world where we:

    1. Experience our innate, natural state of wholeness 
    2. Feel valued as a whole being with unique and valuable gifts to contribute to the greater whole
    3. Enjoy healthy connection to people, planet and purpose and receive what it is we need to fully express that purpose
    4. Become an active, engaged community member who experiences inherent "belongingness" and regenerative support
    5. Serve as a healthy, resilient global citizen living for the good of the whole
    6. Advocate for whole-systems individual, cultural and planetary health and healing
    7. Establish a healthy, interdependent relationship with Earth and all her inhabitants

    As a GOOD of the WHOLE Community we do this by:

    1. Supporting, mentoring, connecting, preparing and uplifting established and emerging leaders who live for the good of the whole
    2. Networking individuals, groups and organizations who positively influence a culture of wholeness 
    3. Providing education, training, special programing, mentoring, and direct services
    4. Expanding public awareness through a plethora of ongoing arts, media and entertainment campaigns and productions
    5. Aligning with other self-organizing individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives working toward whole-systems health and healing, the evolution of consciousness, and advancing a whole worldview on the planet


    Experience, Embody and Express Your Inherent Wholeness,

    Advance a WholeWorld-View

    and Consciously Co-Create Whole-Systems Health


    "GOOD of the WHOLE" is not just our name, it's a powerful idiom. The deeper meaning of the phrase is so much more than "good" or "whole." We believe it is the essential, integral code within the heart of all creation. 

    • GOOD of the WHOLE is the foundational principle for living a healthy, interconnected, interdependent life in unity, balance and harmony with each other, our planet and all its inhabitants.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE an ethos for our transition to a peaceful global culture living as one planetary body.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is a prescription for ultimate, quintessential healing of the individual, our culture, and the whole. It's the medicine for whole-systems health.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is an ideology, creed, doctrine, and belief that can guide us individually and collectively back to our innate genius.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is a polity, a worldview, and organizing principle that directs our systems and structures to look beyond artificial boundaries and borders and toward our greatest collective potential. 
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is a vibrational frequency and state of being that returns us home to our natural state of being.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is a practice: living each moment, each day, for the good of the whole.
    • GOOD of the WHOLE is a road map that brings us back into right relationship with ourselves, the earth, and all Life.

    In our modern world, we have seen the devastating results of systems and structures built within the illusion of separation. In the western culture, we have seen the disparaging inequities and injustices that result from living for the "good of the self." In these transformative times of conscious evolution and whole-systems breakdown, both ancient spiritual traditions and modern, leading-edge science point to the unified nature of reality. This unified nature is the key to individual and collective health. "Wholeness is the medicine of our times." Living for the GOOD of the WHOLE brings us back into right relationship with ourselves, the earth, and all Life.


    Establish Meaningful Connection and

    Experience Resonance and Heart-Centered Living


    GOOD of the WHOLE's shared purpose is to contribute to a shift in mass consciousness and transcend the fragmented worldview of fear, scarcity and separation to a whole worldview of love, abundance and unity. As Stewards and Mentors, we cultivate an ethos of wholeness and embodied consciousness as the transformative and foundational principles informing our culture and evolutionary times. As a coalition of individuals and organizations, we lift up and support one another to strengthen and amplify this evolutionary impulse and our greater creative potential. 


    We are whole beings contributing to, and in service of a greater, unified whole.

    THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY: We understand that when the individual serves the greater whole, the whole gives back and serves the individual. We share a strong awareness of cultural and planetary issues and commit to take action where called to serve the greater good. We invest time, talent, and resources to support individuals, communities and social causes aligned with co-creating a whole worldview and regenerative, co-creative culture. We understand that living for the GOOD of the WHOLE is a prescription for whole-systems health, healing and transformation; a blueprint for restoring nature to its pristine state of clean air, healthy soil, pure water and healthy food; and a template for a co-creative culture of peace, resonance, and reverence for all Life. Join us and serve the greater whole.

     BECOME A MENTORING STEWARD: Mentor the Evolution of Consciousness and a Co-Creative Culture

    FREE Global Heart Resonance Calls Every Monday (Click Here to Register):


    Weekly Coherence Calls for Mentoring Stewards Every Wednesday (CLICK HERE to Learn More):



    "Good of the Whole marshals all the forces of love in action." ~ Andrew Harvey

    Let's co-create a new narrative of wholeness and play with the power of our connection.  


    Help us Co-Create an Ethos of Wholeness and

    Establish Sustained, Whole-Systems Health in a World

    Where Every Individual Feels Valued, Connected and Whole


    GOOD of the WHOLE is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

    with a global mission and gmembership. As a charitable, tax-exempt organization, we depend solely on your generous gifts of time, service, money and resources. Thank you. 

    GOOD of the WHOLE has been supported 100% by volunteer stewardship and in-kind services for the past six years. Now, as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, it is time to hire administrative support. Your financial gift can make that possible. Simply, click on the image above and make your donation. Thank you for making a difference! If you know of someone who would be willing to provide in-kind administrative support or services, please email    


    “Essential to every decision is the thought, Is this decision for the good of the whole?” ~ Glenn Head


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    We Want to Connect With You!

    Welcome to GOOD of the WHOLE. Basic membership and connection is FREE. We call our basic membership the Global Heart TeamSimply sign in here and fill out your personal profile. We can’t wait to get to know you and share more about the Global Heart Team! Other benefits of basic membership are engagement and connection. You may comment, share materials and receive important communications, coupons, special offers, news, updates and notice for emergency response action. Join us on our free community calls and become part of our conscious, resonant community for the GOOD of the WHOLE. (CLICK HERE for more information on the Global Heart Team.)

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    I choose to love the whole of humanity, the whole planet, and myself as a whole being. I choose to add my courageous expression to ground the force of love, with the intention to #LoveMore for the #GOODoftheWHOLE!

    “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” ~ Thomas Merton
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    We are coming together with courageous expression to ground the force of love with the intention to #LoveMore for the good of the whole.


    Choose to #LoveMore

    Participate In Three Simple Steps


    Place a red heart on your hand, make a declaration about how YOU #LoveMore, and take a selfie or video. For example, “I choose to #LoveMore for the #GOODoftheWHOLE.”  Be creative!  Play.  Have fun.  Post it on Facebook with the hashtags: #LoveMore and #GOODoftheWHOLE


    When you post your #LoveMore picture or video on Facebook, call out FIVE friends by tagging them.  Invite them to #LoveMore.  Or better yet, gather with a group, create an event or service project, and declare your intentions together!

    3. SHARE: 

    Share #LoveMore posts, videos, and tweets on social media.  Use your #LoveMore picture as your personal profile.  Share #LoveMore with your friends, family, community and networks.  Send an email, snapchat, instagram, or text message.   Above all, #LoveMore for the #GOODoftheWHOLE.

    “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


    This is our moment to #LoveMore for the #GOODoftheWHOLE. 

    Thank you for spreading the love.  Here are a few more ways YOU can participate:




     #LOVEMORE MONTHLY RESONANCE CALL (Click HERE for More Information)

    Print out and share the poster:  PDF POSTER HERE

    Invite Your Friends via email:  SAMPLE EMAIL PDF    LoveMore_Invite_Letter.docx


    Visit the #LoveMore Blog for more ideas at

    Change your cover banner/header image (right click on PC/Control click on Mac and SAVE):  FACEBOOK

    Change your profile picture to YOUR OWN personal #LoveMore selfie.   Or use this one (*Right Click on PC or Control Click on Mac to SAVE):


    PRINT YOUR OWN 4X6 How-to postcards to share with others: FRONT    BACK

    Take a picture or video with your pet. Create original art.  Organize a special event. Involve your family and workplace. Gather your friends or organizations and get them involved (see sample images above and below). Develop sacred activism. Express yourself.


    Create an inspirational video:





     lovemore_10.jpg  lovemore_11.jpg  lovemore_12.jpg  lovemore_13.jpg  lovemore_14.jpg  lovemore_15.jpg  lovemore_16.jpg  lovemore_17.jpg  lovemore_18.jpg  lovemore_19.jpg  lovemore_20.jpg  lovemore_21.jpg  lovemore_22.jpg  lovemore_23.jpg  lovemore_24.jpg  lovemore_25.jpg  lovemore_26.jpg  lovemore_27.jpg  lovemore_28.jpg  lovemore_2.jpg  lovemore_30.jpg  lovemore_31.jpg  lovemore_32.jpg  lovemore_33.jpg  lovemore_35.jpg  lovemore_34.jpg  lovemore_36.jpg  lovemore_37.jpg  lovemore_38.jpg  lovemore_39.jpg  lovemore_3.jpg  lovemore_40.jpg  lovemore_41.jpg  lovemore_42.jpg  lovemore_43.jpg  lovemore_44.jpg  lovemore_45.jpg  lovemore_46.jpg  lovemore_47.jpg  lovemore_48.jpg  lovemore_49.jpg  lovemore_4.jpg  lovemore_5.jpg  lovemore_6.jpg  lovemore_8.jpg  lovemore_9.jpg

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    Love, love, love this, Michelle! Thank you.
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    Mmm… love the essence of this cosmic path and the resonance that moves us into greater love. Thank you for this beautiful poem, June. <3
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    Dear Marian,
    I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate the vulnerability and truth that inspired this reflection. Years ago, I started writing two different books. I was so passionate about the topic, yet failed to find my writer’s voice when I thought I should write from a scholarly, professional “perfection.” The “righting” that you speak of permeated my process. Eighteen months ago I threw out the writings and “scholarly perfection” and started over after a freak accident changed my life. I found my authentic, vulnerable voice in the human experience of pain, struggle and healing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder.
    A World of Love,
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    Nice reflection, Michelle. Thank you.
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    Me too, Linda. This is a great road map to follow! Thanks, Carolyn.
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    Hello and Welcome!


    Hello and welcome to our private lounge. 

    Please feel free to use this page to gather, connect and express...

    Our lounge is a community heart space, hub, hang out, and sanctuary... This is a safe place to kick your feet up, let your hair down, and be who you are... authentic and genuine YOU.  Relax into the heart space and feel the warm acceptance and resonant connection with others.  You are invited to use this space in any way that feels right -- a bulletin board, or a place to simply check in with others and let them know what's going on.  Presence yourself and don't forget to support and encourage your fellow co-hearts. 

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    This is beautiful. How exciting, Nina. Yes… “Awakening Humanity’s Potential!”
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    Thank you, Bruce. We really appreciate your feedback! Let us know if you would like a personal virtual tour. Any one of us would be happy to show you around personally.
    ~ Julie
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    I LOVE this guy!
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    Beautiful reflection, June. <3
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    Andrew Harvey says this is one of the most important books of the last fifty years and that everyone that can read it, should read it. This is a long 60+ minute conversation, but well worth the time!
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    Itzda, I’m happy you found this page. Thanks for posting. I have so much in creative mode right now, it is great to know you are there. If something comes up I will definitely give you a shout!
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    Dreaming about Dreams


    Last night in my sleep, I was dreaming about dreaming.  Before I went to bed I was working with the “I Have a Dream” speech, images and quotes for Martin Luther King Day.  In the middle of a wild and crazy dream, right at a unique point of “crazy,” I became lucid.   As I became aware that I was dreaming, my first thought was, “What is the Source of this brilliant material?  Where does if come from and is it of me or does it come through me?”  

    Next, as with any good lucid dream, I engaged and began actively playing with the dream and the Source of the dream’s fascinating material.  I was in a living laboratory of consciousness through the dream in a dream state.  I entered into an adventurous exchange with Creator – the Divine Source of all Creation. 

    From the lucid dream, I declared that I have a dream: 

    I have a dream that all humans experience themselves from this seamless place of connection with Creator; That all beings understand and experience this intimate place of union – communion – with the Divine Source of Intelligence; That as everyone on the planet wakes to this powerful, creative union we naturally move into a productive, co-creative culture of harmony and peace

    And then I asked the Creative Source of my dreams, "Is this my dream or yours?"  The answer was simply, "Yes."  And I woke up.

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