Dumb and Dumber Questions by Ron Friedman


Enlightenment, whatever it is, must manifest its harvest on Earth, as it does in Heaven. The simple realizations of an expanded and altered consciousness cannot be focused on another dimension alone. After all, if the Source was so disinterested in this fourth dimensional plane, why did It bother to manifest it, create it, make it so painfully beautiful, elegant and integrated?

Evolution - the creative process itself – is an essential aspect of Source. It is not merely change, static transformation without direction. These are bold statements, no doubt, mystically substantiated, recently extracted as a truth by members of the evolutionary intelligentsia.

But if evolution is that intrinsic an aspect of creation, then even the most basic particles of creation-quarks, leptons, the Higgs boson, etc - all these should be evolving as well. The most fundamental units of creation should be evolving towards what and from where? Further, shouldn’t each dimension, however we name it, have its own evolutionary directive, angels into archangels, and so on?

Is Source Itself evolving?  Not in terms of Its Manifestation (the endless universes of Creation) but It Itself? Is that a good question? Can one separate Source from Its Creation? Can I separate the evolution of my liver from my evolution?

Gifted with curiosity, the ability to ask fundamental questions, some wisdom traditions instruct us to discover that Place where there are no questions.

Is that the be-all and the end-all? After all, the design of Man is not his own, curiosity is as much an aspect of Source as Love must be, and perhaps, just perhaps, it is that curiosity with its endless dissatisfaction that is the evolutionary driver itself.

Not to worry, I have many more dumb questions!

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