Dynamic Peace and the Joy of Creative Expression with Heather McCloskey Beck


Consider yourself on a wondrous journey to Find Your Way Back to You and its time to begin living the meaningful life you were born to live - now! Life can be a beautiful expression of creativity and joy. Listen as Heather McCloskey Beck explains how you were born a resonant Genius with the capacity to create a life that you truly love. Step out of the stories that limit you and into the divine vision of your own brilliantly crafted plan!

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Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author and speaker, musician and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash.

Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather is a columnist for The Huffington Post and author of her best-selling book, Take the Leap. Also an intuitive and healer, Heather speaks to audiences both in the United States and internationally, and offers workshops and private consultations designed to inspire and assist others in creating lives that are meaningful and valuable, in alignment with their own inner calling.

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