Embodying Spiritual Radiance With David Karchere


Have you ever had the experience of letting your spiritual radiance, that light that comes from within, shine all the way through you and out to the world in your fullest expression? How about letting your spiritual radiance merge with others in creative work and play? David Karchere invites you to shine and SHINE BIG, because the world needs your warmth, you light and your gravity. It's who you already are on the inside, and everything in your life is conspiring for you to bring it forth.

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David Karchere is a spiritual teacher, visionary and leader of the global spiritual community Emissaries of Divine Light. David practices embodied spirituality, based on the understanding that all aspects of human experience can be filled with the deepest truth and the highest love now in this life. He is a writer, poet, composer, songwriter and creates inspiring, empowering programs for spiritual awakening and personal development. David leads Sunrise Ranch, a conference and retreat center in Loveland, Colorado, and thriving spiritual community that provides a home of homes for many people around the world. For more about David and his work please visit davidkarchere.com.

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