Envisioning a World Transformed with Emanuel Kuntzelman


Envision a world transformed… a world that works for all.  Many say we are currently in the midst of the greatest transformation in human history; living at a pivotal time on planet Earth.  Emanuel Kuntzelman believes it is time to make a choice—to lift ourselves up on a new wave of evolution, tapping into our highest potential for the greater good of humanity.  Can the complex questions, “Where did we come from? What is the purpose of life? And, What does the future hold?” help push us forward into a new era of transformation?  Listen in and find out. 

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Emanuel Kuntzelman is a lifelong seeker and advocate of environmental awareness and world peace, and his accomplishments reach internationally. Since founding the non-profit exchange organization, Center for Cultural Interchange, in 1985, he has helped thousands of participants build a foundation of cultural understanding across the globe while promoting environmental initiatives through CCI’s division of Greenheart. Together with his life partner Laura Rose, he founded the Foundacion por el Futuro in Spain. Other endeavors include work with Ibiza’s ecological center, Casita Verde, and the creation of the eco-friendly, fair trade Greenheart Shop located in Chicago.

An inspirational speaker since the 1970s, Emanuel is dedicated to personal and social transformation. He oversees Greenheart’s division of Greenheart Transforms, seeking to raise global consciousness and working toward a transformed society of holistic humans through workshops, lectures, retreats, and his efforts with the Global Purpose Movement.

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