Expressing Love for Yourself and Others


Resonance lies at the heart of co-creative practices. It emerges in a field of love, trust, unconditional acceptance, and mutual support and flowers in “safe spaces.” It disappears in the face of judgment, criticism, tension, or animosity. Resonance begins with self-love and the unconditional love that is freely given by Spirit.  Accepting this love is accepting that one is blessed and worthy of such love; that one is, in fact, love.  It does not depend on other people; it does not depend on what we do, or on our daily successes and failures.  If we judge or condemn ourselves, we are denying the essence of the divine impulse of evolution and the creation of which we are a part.

The following practice, taken from the new Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0, is designed to support individuals to maintain resonance at all times, in every life circumstance…to stabilize as love.

Every day, do something loving for yourself.  You might make a list of all the activities that nurture you and make a habit of indulging in at least one of these daily:  take time to be alone or with others in nature; read a good book; meditate; have lunch with friends; prepare your favorite meal; listen to beautiful music. Whatever lifts your Spirit will serve your well being and that of others.

Appropriately express your love daily.  A loving touch penetrates further than “skin deep.”  You can connect just as deeply through a warm handshake or a gentle touch on the shoulder as you can with a bear hug.  The key is to feel connected to others in the moment.

A sincere compliment or loving words can make someone's day.  When you are thinking loving thoughts about someone, share them with that person.  Nobody ever got too many sincere “strokes.”  Tell people—your family, friends, or colleagues—that you love them.  Notice that as you follow these practices, you feel lighter; your body feels less dense; your energy moves to a higher frequency. You stabilize as Loving Awareness, contributing through your being to the quantum field and, thus, to all life everywhere.

This practice is adapted from The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0

by Carolyn P. Anderson with Katharine Roske

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