Fervently Wise

We are living in extraordinary times of change. This is an understatement indeed. I write to you this day with much compassion and care for your wellbeing. I have been saying lately that we are getting our PHD as human beings:

*Patience *Humility *Discernment. This time is full of both grief and gifts, chaos and emergence. We are being forged in the fires of transformation. Adversity is a powerful personal trainer.

Fear is a heavy weight to lift. We have all built circuitry to respond to these times of 'high alert' with a constant vigilance that saps us of our vitality, robs us of our peace of mind. We are being invited to grow a new musculature of compassion, resilience and self love more than ever before in our lives. Truly, all that is not essential is being distilled as we find how little we really need to be happy, how more sleep and less hurry offer our bodies and minds a much needed opportunity to reset and rejuvenate.

In this time of 'full stop', we are being given the gift of time to reflect on what really matters. What is it that enriches our lives, contributes to our health, and the health of the planet, the wellbeing of our family? Those answers are being delivered to each one of us, as on a daily basis we have more moments of reflection. Moments to repair what is broken and tired. Moments to envision how it is we'd like to emerge from the other side of this cocoon; who we'd like to be, and what we will take with us, our wisdom gained from the wounds. We are in this time in between. May you know that something so beautiful and beyond your imagining is gestating in the darkness. Allow yourself to trust that just as tiny seeds, placed deep in the dark earth, will be coaxed upward by the light, so too will you emerge from this Covid-19 cocoon, wiser, more aware, fresh and fervently wise.


Pamela Jane Gerrand 

Soul Singer/Poet/Sound Alchemist 

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