A Respect for Grief


A Respect for Grief

With Jessi Amos

Fridays, 11:00 am Eastern/4:00 pm UTC/5:00 pm CEST

This hour of the Connection Field is a 'Grief Holding Space. If you are feeling a sense of personal or collective bereavement, we are here for you. Whether you are experiencing the loss of a friend or family member, a job, a way of life, a special event, or your personal hopes and dreams, you can come and be heard, seen and held. This space of grace is held with loving respect to express your grief and have it witnessed and honored with love.


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Old School Story Telling Hour


Old School Storytelling Hour

With Cate Roberts and Norene Otnes

Fridays 4:00 pm Eastern/11:00 pm UTC/10:00 pm CEST

Bring your stories and new ideas to the Old Schoolhouse Story telling hour as we gather around the common union table.

Paths of Human Awakening


Indigenous Ways of Living- Paths of Human Awakening 

With Chief Phillip Scott

Friday, 7:00 pm Eastern /12:00 am UTC/1:00 am CEST

We are born with unlimited potential. This potentiality is realized through honorable conduct - the ways in which we selflessly serve and connect with Mother Earth and all of our relations. The Red Road, the Indigenous  Spiritual Path, is regarded as the way of the Human Being. Join us for heartfelt engagement to explore and cultivate the qualities that characterize our Humanity, the Sacred principles, and practices of Awakened Warriorship and Indigenous leadership within the Sacred Hoop of Life



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