Holy Wars by Alicia Keys

Resilient with Rising Appalachia

The Threads That Blind Us


Mandy Coppes-Martin Tragedy of the Commons 2016 Madagascan Silk, meranti wood and paper thread. 140x100x100 cm. Learn more about Mandy Coppes-Martin's work here

I am interested in exploring the

contradictions, paradoxes and the fragility

of our relationship with the natural world.

I am interested in material and how it exists within the natural world, but also how it relates and interacts with society –what its uses are and how it has changed or shaped the past. Together with my interest in the natural world and our relationship with it, the “Material” I work with then becomes all-encompassing. The thin ethereal nature of my work represents the delicate space that we, as humans, find ourselves in: the space that exists between denial and the inability to react, and that of acceptance and the ability to take responsibility. The transparency of my work, and the shadows that fall from the images complete and solidify the relationship that exists between the work, its environment and the viewer.

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Dreamseed Visionary Art

Revealing Nature’s Vulnerabilities As Our Own


Lisa Lebofsky Petzval Glacier, 2011, oil paint on aluminum, 40x64 inches, © Lisa Lebofsky
Included in Environmental Impact

The human relationship with nature is complex. We strive to find ways to protect ourselves from its humbling power, yet we yearn to surround ourselves with it. Nature is a respite from our technologically burdened lives – from beach oases to soaring mountaintop vistas. We enjoy its bounty of shorelines and woodlands, create havens in parks and personal gardens, and take countless photos of sunsets and waterfalls. At the same time, we pollute it, burn it, defile it, and eradicate it. Through action or inaction, we are all complicit in some way.

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Environmental Impact Traveling Art Exhibit


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT is a traveling museum exhibition the purpose of which is

1.) to recognize, document, and share the work of leading contemporary artists who chose to focus their work on global as well as local environmental issues; and

2.) to heighten public awareness and concern about the degradation of diverse environments through the power of art.

Traditional art generally depicts nature in all of its glory, often in beautiful, pristine conditions. The 75 paintings, photographs, prints, installations, and sculptures in ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT are different than traditional works of art because they deal with ominous environmental issues and implications ranging from industrial scale resource consumption and development, to oil spills, the perils of nuclear energy, global warming, and many other phenomenon that impact and inflict people and other inhabitants which populate the planet today. To produce ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, Curator David Wagner draws upon a diverse range of artists whose works are not only hard-hitting, but which also propel the Environmental Movement in the modern age we live in.


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What Have We Done? Bearing Witness

 Peter Goin West 7th Street, Reno 1990, Pigment Print, Somerset Velvet Paper 255 gsm, 24.5 x 83 © Peter Goin | Currently on display in Environmental ImpactWest 7th Street, Reno reflects and represents many of the contemporary issues dealing with water quality and quantity, development, sustainability, and all of the perennial concerns involving conflicts with farmers and ranchers, urban inhabitants, and Paiute points of view.  This view of Reno 7th Street appears as if it were a (metaphoric) fort in the early West.

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Fire in a Warming World: One Environmental Impact

Suze Woolf [From left to right]  Knotted (North Cascades National Park, Washington), Watercolor on Torn Paper 52x25; The Landscape of Fire (Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada) 2012,  Watercolor on Paper 57x20, Currently on display in Environmental Impact; Stehekin Sentinel (North Cascades National Park, Washington),Watercolor on Torn Paper 52x20 | © Suze Woolf

A life-long outdoor person, I have watched a warming climate become increasingly evident in my Pacific Northwest home: familiar glaciers melt away and favorite hikes pass through many more burned-over sections. That the climate was changing was apparent to backcountry travelers long before it was a frequent news item.

All over the American West, fires expose newly visible topography. With black trunks, red needles and ash meadows, evergreen colors are inverted. These devastated areas are disturbing, dramatic and oddly compelling. The remains of forest fires are a source of both anxiety and peculiar beauty.

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Spontaneous Creativity

Here is the VIDEO  taken at our “Spontaneous Creativity” Event.  It is a VIDEO of the original Kenneth G. Mills painting named ‘EXTENSION.”  We unveiled the painting and Susan Kaplan, EarthStage Actress, performed “The Door Is Opening” a spontaneous poem by Dr. Mills.  
HERE Lives Love,

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Emerging, by Pamela Jane Gerrand

Emerging composed and performed by Pamela Jane Gerrand
Produced by Mark Lalama
Video Produced by Julie Krull

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